Winter Staycation

Right! This is the fact! The French gouvernment refuses to open ski lifts this season in the way to fight the Coronavirus. In France, we are in a current curfew at 06h00 pm since almost two months. We have everything of closed in France since the end of October 2020 when we have started our second lockdown last year. The only activity that we can do it’s going in shops, (not good for me who hate going and buy in shops), it’s the only thing of public open and again a few days ago the gouvernment has closed the bigger malls of France to try avoid to make the more of crowds possible. Because in France, we are currently on the way to try to avoid a third lockdown, in this way they have placed again more restrictions in travel and closed the bigger malls who can make big crowds. Right! In this way they refuses despite that it’s outside to open ski lifts.

After my recent experience now, I can a bit understand. Well! When mid-January the French gouvernment has officially tell that ski lifts couldn’t open of the all ski season, I was determined to find an alternative to skiing like even. In first time I wanted maybe to attempt to go skiing in Switzerland because there the ski lifts are open and I live in France but near the borders from Switzerland and Germany. But when I saw that the English Variant has been detected in some ski resorts in Switzerland I was unmotivated to go there. Right! I spent time during my insomnia nights to find another solution to stay in France and skiing. It’s looked without hope, of course with ski lifts closed! Until! I discover that the ski resorts in France who have magic carpets are allowed to open them because it’s not considered as a ski lift. When I saw that I didn’t understand how magic carpets is not considered like a ski lift and it’s allowed to open because in more it’s covered. But I haven’t searched to understand what the gouvernment have done with that and I saw the best opportunity to go skiing. I finally searched which ski resorts has magic carpets and the ones who are open, because every ski resort who have some do not open them all, I think it’s probably because of money with the rest of the ski lifts closed in the mountains. In this way of research, I discovered that a ski resort near my house that I have never been has magic carpets and they are open daily. I had no word when I found that!

It’s not with magic carpets that you would explore the mountains because they are principally at the bottom of the mountains with easy runs. In the case of this ski resort, it was two magic carpets, one small, and one big (very long), who given access to one green slope, but by my experiences of other green slopes in some other ski resorts, this slope it was rather an easy blue. That was cool! Once again, it’s not with magic carpets that you can explore the mountains, but with the situation of ski lifts closed in France because of the Coronavirus and on the way do not be able to skiing never this season. Find that, it was the most amazing thing in the world. In the mountains near my house it’s has exceptionally snowed so much lately and it’s the first in years that it’s has much snow in these mountains.

Before that the French gouvernment announces that ski lifts could stay closed for the season, I had a ski trip of planned in Avoriaz, in one of the biggest ski resort of French Alps but I switched to go at La Bresse-Honeck in Les Vosges where the magic carpets are open. I was not really sad of this! The exceptional height of snow in Les Vosges this year makes that it was the moment to go here. I was totally ok to change of place (even if I dream to go at Avoriaz) to could skiing this season. I felt good, I was just determined to skiing!

The advantage also was that this ski resort is at only about one hour of car drive from my house (against six hours for the French Alps). It’s a hidden gem that I discovered this week of ski trip. I can’t believe that I have a such big ski resort with beautiful views so close from my house. I can’t believe it! It’s one thing to explore more the day where ski lifts could be all open.

At the end of January, we did a family Winter Staycation and I skied all the week. Most of the time mornings and afternoons, except one day where I skied only the morning. It was snowing most of the days when I was there, except the last day where it was rainy. Beautiful views, beautiful snowflakes, skiing.

Unfortunately, this ski trip leads me to show me that I was much more bad mentally that I thought it, and that my mental breakdown who has started at the beginning of December 2020 was much powerful that I could have thought it. I’m just so much bad mentally that I thought! The hardest thing during this trip, I was not able to enjoy one of my favorite thing in the world, skiing. I was so happy to skiing particularly with the current situation, but I was not able to enjoy it. Skiing is one of my favorite thing in the world and I was not able to appreciate it in the right way. After each ski session, I was more exhausted mentally than physical, one thing who is not normal. Never, I was physically tired, even after skiing more than two hours in the row. But my mental breakdown was well here, I was totally desperate because it hits me even during that I was skiing.

Before going on this trip, I was determinate to take it like an experience, full of new adventures (even if it’s not so big that planned because of the Coronavirus) , trying one new ski resort and take magic carpets for the first time ever (yes, because I already took all kind of ski lifts except magic carpets). I saw it like a new adventures. BUT! It’s literally lead to show me that I was much bad mentally. And back home it’s lead me to take new decisions for my mental health to trying feel me better, but I could talk about this at another moment because this post is dedicated to my ski trip recap. But, I was not able to recap this trip without talking that this trip shows me that I was so bad mentally for the first time in a long time, despite my hard moments. Currently, I literally touched the hardest time mentally since the beginning of the pandemic. Right!

Let’s sharing a few photos of this exceptional ski trip!

Before wrap! Right! I want to share that despite my anger towards the French gouvernment to keep ski lifts closed, I can totally understand why they want to do it, now that I experimented skiing during the Coronavirus. Skiing is outside, and you have usually the one meters social distance when only a fewer peoples are here. But when a few more peoples are going, and that these peoples are not respecting mask rule and social distance rule, it’s starting to be the chaos and dangerous for the virus circulation, even with two magic carpets of open and about only between 10-50 peoples on the slope and magic carpets (depending moment of the day and the day of the week). Wear a mask during skiing is ok, the advantage you don’t have cold at nose, and when it’s snowing and that you wear a ski helmet, ski mask, a collar plus the mask, you are totally covered and when it’s snowing or very cold, it’s can be cool, you don’t have cold in face, even if I love this cold sensation. It was pretty nice!

But I’m disappointed by the ski resort who doesn’t make respected correctly the mask rule, some agent was here to supervise that everyone is wearing a mask but despite that a lot of peoples took off the mask on the carpets or on the slopes after, it was not really serious all that, and at some moments I felt not safe. But if French peoples could respect only the mask rule already, it’s could be better but most of the half of the skiers that I saw doesn’t respected it correctly or that the half of the time. Right! Discover that! The place where I feel the more safe with the Coronavirus is always Disneyland Paris, even if everyone doesn’t respect the mask rule also, the cast members are strict and are making respected the safety rules seriously. Below or here, you can find the video of this Winter Staycation. Right! That wraps! Thanks for stopping by!



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