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Last month, I had the occasion to go on a day trip at Disneyland Paris in solo. I paid me this trip for my birthday. I was an amazing day except that I was a little sick because a few days ago I had the flu. I did not have anymore of fever on the day I went but I was really bad again so I did not feel the big magic of the Disney world. I’m a little sad about but I’m happy like even of my day. I was a beautiful day (side weather too) and I do not regret to paid me this trip like my birthday gift. Another thing that I do not regret… it’s to be go in solo! I have chosen to go on a day trip only and do not sleep in a Disney hotel because I wanted just go for a day. I took a TGV at 05h50am and I went arrived at Disneyland around 8h30. In the same way, I left Disneyland around 04h30pm and I was back home around 09h00pm. I was worried a little when I booked the train tickets than 6 hours of train even divided by 2 in the day it’s so much. But I wanted to do this day trip so I decided to do it. Finally, it’s not so long! On the morning TGV, I finished sleeping half and on the TGV back, I was tired of my big day that I slept half too. I did not see the time passed in the trains. I’m back of my trip and I collected many reasons why going in solo at Disneyland. There are so good reasons!

I was at Disneyland Paris but I think that these benefits to go in solo apply at all Disney parks around the world because these are some simple and easy benefits.

Your plans. An of the biggest benefit to going at Disneyland in solo it’s that you can to do your plans. And only your! You can do what plans, things, attractions that you want without having to wait or consider others peoples plans than if you are with family or friends. I think, it’s the biggest and better benefit to going in solo at Disney.

Photography. You are a photographer like me or you love to take photos. Disneyland is an of the beautiful places of the world to take photos! Take times for captures beautiful with details photos is not easy when you are accompanied. Because for take and concentrate on, you may have to be staying 10 minutes without moving. When you are accompanied, it’s really difficult to impose these photography times at the other peoples, already than Disneyland is a place where the time miss. The benefit to be in solo is that you can stay and take the time that you want for capture the photography that you want. It was my favorite time to be in solo on my trip. I was able to stay 10 minutes in the front of Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois dormant for taking the photos that I wanted.

Single Riders. I have not done a lot of attractions on my trip at Disneyland Paris but I have done The Ratatouille attraction. There was a single rider line! If the normal line waiting was about 1 hour, the single rider was of 10 minutes. And in about 10 minutes, I was already outside and I did this amazing attraction and say that the normal line was of 1 hour. The single rider line is not available on all attractions but it’s really amazing when you are in solo. I think it’s the biggest benefit to going in solo at Disneyland mainly if you want to do a lot of attractions.

Less expensive. It’s another benefit who can to be in consideration for some peoples, going in solo at Disneyland is so much less expensive than going with the family or friends. It’s not the same experience to do Disneyland in solo than with friends. But if you are ready to go in solo, financially it’s worth it! On any trips going in solo is less expensive and Disneyland do not escape!


No matter what are the benefits, I think going in family at the Disney parks can be fun but going in solo that’s worth it to do the experience at least once time in the life. It’s can to be so good a Disney trip in solo. And to be fun in other ways!

Do you have already did a trip in solo in a Disney park? I would love to hear your experiences!


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