What’s In My Bag – Disneyland Edition

Bags and me are a story! I have never liked to take with me a bag when I’m going outside. I know that this is a woman accessory but I don’t love. I’m pretty sure that it’s increasing my social anxiety. One place that it’s not an option to take a bag with me is when I’m going to Disneyland. I leave all day from 04h30am to 11h00pm, more than 500km away from home with 6 hours of TGV in the day and all day walking in the parks. A bag is clearly necessary! During my first day trip last December it was pretty hard to know what I could to have needed during a day like that as it was the first time that I travel on a long and single day. Four day-trips at Disneyland later, I have now my own and the same stuff that I took with me. I thought, it was pretty fun to do a what’s in my bag to share what I take with me, necessary things or who can calming my anxiety during a long day out of the home.

ONE // Under Armor Backpack. Before going on my first day trip at Disneyland I was figured that it was not a good thing to take a handbag to carry all day during walking. Well! I looked to buy a backpack like I haven’t one. I was searched for one who has multiple organization options. I have finally found this one and I love it I use it on each of my trip at Disneyland.

TWO // Canon DSLR & 18-135mm Lens. This is my currently DSLR with an 18-135mm lens and I love them. The Canon 200D is pretty good and I’m happy with it! Ok! With this big lens it’s heavy all day but it permits me to take good photos with zoom and it’s can particularly useful in some situations. I love to take photos with these two.

THREE // External Battery & Charger Cable. FIRST NECESSITY. The external battery is really important on a long day with the cable of course.

FOUR // Cozy Scarf. On first, I took in a scarf because it was winter. Now, I take it even when it’s in a heatwave. No worry! I do not use it during the day. In fact, it’s for the travel in the train. I take my TGV very early in the morning and late in the evening after a full day, I try to sleep. I use my TGV rides to rest and sleep. I use the scarf as a little cushion or in the TGV air-conditioned so usually, it’s cold and the cozy side reassures me and calms my anxiety.

FIX // Annual Pass Holder. Right! I’m so happy to have it!

SIX // Plan of the day. I plan my day before going at Disneyland. I have done a post here. So, I take the planning that I have done to have it with me.

SEVEN // Wallet. I have the same wallet since years. It comes from Esprit. Expect money, identity papers and credit cards, I have also my card with my TGV tickets and discount cards who come with.

EIGHT // Cream. I have eczema problem, outside during all day. I need to take cream with me. La Roche Poche creams are the only that I use daily. It’s the only ones that my skin support.

NINE // iPad. Right! I take my iPad with me in case I want to read or watching some tv shows episodes during my 6 hours TGV rides in the day. But in real! I have never really used it! Like said above I try to sleep in the TGV but I prefer to have it with if I’m in the mood to watching tv shows and again if my TGV is delayed.

TEN // Water Bottle. It’s 5€ a little water bottle at Disneyland Paris! I take at least one from home to have one. USEFUL! On my last day trip under the heatwave, I took two bottles that I frozen the night before. It’s really good even if at mi-day after 40 degrees Celcius the two bottles were unfrozen. It permits to have cold drinks longer on hot days.


Other things that I can take in summer.

A tee shirt and short to change me if necessary.
Water spray bottle (placed in the refrigerator the night before).


Other things that I can take in winter.

A jacket in more.
Open gloves (useful to take easier photos).


I think that’s wrap up my essentials in my backpack for a trip to Disneyland! Carry heavy things can to be hard physically for me so I try to stay lighter. The hardest part is like even carrying my DSLR but it’s totally worth it! Take photos at Disneyland is an of my favorite thing in life! In the same time, if you are interested by some good photo spots at Disneyland Paris, check out here!


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