What A Very Special Magical Day

Let’s sharing a very special day! On July 13, I was back at Disneyland Paris for a very special day! Disneyland Paris has official reopened on Wednesday July 15 after 123 days of closure, I booked this day but when I received a special email in the beginning of July for a soft reopening for the annual pass holders on July 13 and 14, I switched my trip from July 15 to July 13, to assist at this special day reserved only for the annual pass before the official reopening.

When Disneyland Paris has officially announced his reopening date at the end of June, I took a few times to thought if I could go for the reopening or wait. I have finally chosen to go only for the day and not a trip with a stay in a hotel in first. Why this choice? Because going only for the day is a really big and long day because I live at 500 km from Disneyland Paris with usually three hours of TGV but my official TGV line has always some tracks modernizations since February and I have to change of line and take two different trains. My trains are really early in the morning because I take it around 5h42 am and on my trains back I leave Marne La Vallée at 07h01 pm to arrive at home around 0h00 am the next day. This is really a long day! In the very beginning when I started to go at Disneyland Paris one and a half year ago, I have done only some one day trips like that, the last one that I have done it was exactly one year ago on July 23, 2019, after I have done monthly trips with stay in hotels.

For multiple reasons, I had the idea to do again one day trip. The principal reasons, I had no doubt that Disneyland Paris could to do the best about the safety measures but going outside with the Coronavirus is something who anxious me a lot so I have chosen to going slowly before come back to do some trips with sleep in hotel, I wanted to see already how I feel just in the parks. And another good reason is that during this first phase of reopening Disneyland Paris, my two favorites, the parade and the night time show who are usually presented daily in the park could not be again back because of the safety measures. It was something hard for me because this is my favorite part of the day with these two and at some moments I was not sure if Disneyland Paris could be as much as therapeutic without these two favorites again. Right! I have done the choice to do one day trip before be fully back on a really trip to see how I feel in the parks with this first phase of reopening Disneyland Paris. On a note, I had no choice to chosen between the July 13 and 14, because July 14 is Bastille Day in France so a holiday and my trains doesn’t ride. Right! I had no choice to chose July 13 but I was really happy to go on this day.

I want to start by saying that it was really a special day, magical day! And at my biggest surprise, an amazing therapeutic day! Before going on this day, I don’t excepted something of special on this first day back after four months, I didn’t know what Disneyland Paris has planned without parades and shows for safety measures and it was a soft reopening and a new experience to explore. I haven’t planned anything for this day except when leave the park for take my train back home. This is the first time that I haven’t planned a trip at the parks, I always do it for optimized my time in the parks. But for this special day, I haven’t planned and excepted anything.

After my past weeks in the crisis with my flashbacks, I hoped just that I could to do at least one full hour without flashbacks. It was awesome! These past weeks, I was not able to spent more than 30 seconds without flashbacks and during this day I spent more than five hours without any and I had almost any flashbacks of all the day, when they were come back I was able to switch my mind back at the present in the parks in just a few minutes. I had any anxiety crisis of all day also while I was not able to spent one day without anxiety crisis since more than three months. It was amazing! It was incredible to live that! Now, the days after back of this day, I took the time to thought and exploring how I could to do some trips even if the parades and shows are not all again back. I really really hope who could be back the fast as possible in some safety precautions but I have found what to do to come back on some trips in waiting like even. Because no doubt after this day that Disneyland Paris is always therapeutic, even with some current experiences who change with the safety measures but who at the final doesn’t change really.

Right! I spent this day to enjoy the park who is shinning, I have done a few attractions, my first one was Peter Pan’s Flight, followed by It’s A Small World, Le Carousel de Lancelot, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Thunder Mesa RiverBoat and I watched Mickey PhilarMagic at Discoveryland Theater. I ate a sugar Mickey Waffle and spent two hours in the afternoon to sit next to the Castle to enjoy the music and views. On the morning, the entrance was made by some cast members who waved you welcome back and I saw the president of Disneyland Paris Natasha Rafalski and the Disneyland Paris ambassador Giona. And I took a lot of photos with my new camera the Canon M6 Mark II, this day was the occasion to try it to see if this new camera does the job of why I bought it and yes totally. At any moment of the day, it was heavy to wear it like my DSLR and I haven’t had my tendinitis pain during all day. I could always use my DSLR with my zoom to take some photos of parades or shows but to take parks photos all long day this new camera is perfect. I love it! It was a magical day!

Let’s talking a bit now about the safety measures and experiences during this first phase of reopening, of course there is no date when the second phase of reopening could start because it’s depending of the evolving situation with the Coronavirus and Disneyland Paris is following the lines of the French gouvernment.


I would like to start by say a big congratulation to Disneyland Paris who has been able to place some important safety measures who fits in the park without touching at the beauty of the park who has never been as much as beautiful. Because let’s be serious, when you think at some plexiglass in waiting line you could think it’s could be so weird and unpleasant. But no! They have adapted by color at each ride and land and it’s looks really amazing. It’s just amazing how it fits really good at the beauty of the parks!

Masks are mandatory for all peoples from 11 years old and more. And I was agreeably to see during my day that every peoples respected it and that even if it’s mandatory only at 11 years old, some parents make wearing some masks at their children already since 3-4 year old, not all parents but I have saw a bunch like even seriously. Social distances marks are present everywhere with more than 20 km of stickers marks on the ground. Different colors by land, ride, it’s amazing! 2000 Hand Sanitizer Dispensers around all the resort. There is everywhere, at each entrance and exit of rides, shops, restaurants. Register your days, to limit the numbers of peoples in the parks to could practice social distances, you need to register your days but it’s easy.

I want to tell that these safety measures don’t trouble your day, it’s really easy and accessible and fits in the parks. I had a cast member during my day who asked my opinion about the day and these safety measures and I told that it’s totally perfect, of course with the current Coronavirus situation and that these safety measures could not stop me to want to come back in the parks if I want to.

Talking about the mask. It was really not something of easy for me to think to wear a mask all day with my anxiety a few weeks ago. But wear a mask is really easy in fact, even all the day. During this day between the trains and Disneyland Paris where it’s both mandatory all the time, I wore it from 5h40 am until 11h00 pm. Right 18 hours in the day, I took a few breaks to eat and drink not more than 10 minutes each and it was not the hardest thing in life. The agreable surprise also, it’s that even on hot day it’s doesn’t give more hot, it was around 30 degrees Celsius and I was not more hot with the mask than I could to have it without mask. That’s really a big important and for my future trips! The bonus of the mask is that it’s can protect you and others of the Coronavirus. What ask better for a day at Disneyland like that?!


Right! Of course, the experiences in the parks is a bit different with the safety measures than before. There is no parades and shows back again, but in a few weeks two amazing shows The Lion King and Rhythms Of The Pride Lands and The Jungle Book Jive presented during The Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris in summer could be back. That’s amazing! The situations and shows could be adapted with the current safety measures, and I’m so excited to see how they have worked for that all fit together because it doesn’t to be an easy work like organization.

In the morning and at park closure (like no night time show currently), there is Mickey and some friends who wave good morning and good night at the top from the Main Street USA gare station, it’s so lovely. Apparently, there is also a park closure wave with some characters on Central Plaza with a day time firework but I haven’t saw it because I left the park at 06h30 pm for my trains but the park closed at 08h00 pm.

Selfie Spots and Characters Waving. Ok! Currently with social distances characters cuddles are suspended but at the place, they have placed some selfie spots with different characters around different places of the parks. All simple, you can take some photos and selfies with the characters in the background, you can always interact with them at distances. I haven’t tested again! I think I will maybe, but my favorite is also the characters waving at different places different moments of the day, by example Aurora and Phillip at the balcony from the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s excisting me because I wanted to explore more the fact to take photos with the characters in the parks but with peoples who cuddling them before it was pretty hard. In more, they place out some characters rare or that you can to see only in the parade usually. I’m excited to take more characters photos!

All New Anthem “Make some Magic”. Disneyland Paris has made an all new anthem for the reopening. The music is launched at the parks opening in the morning and I love it. It’s so good to hear it in the morning! A thing that I will miss with the no parades and shows it’s less of music in the parks but I was wrong. Not as much as with some shows but they prepared to place during the day some music like even.

Water Jets show. During the afternoon, I think twice, a water jets show takes place in front of the Castle. It’s amazing! I loved during the Christmas season when they did some water jets show with some Christmas music. Here, the show is accompanied with the new anthem.

Right! That’s wrap what I can to say what they did that I discovered during the soft reopening of the annual pass, now Disneyland Paris has announced that some surprises are coming and I can’t wait to see what they have worked because one thing is sure they have worked so much during all the lockdown to makes the most magic possible with safety measures and let’s be real it’s not easy. I’m so grateful for these cast members who have worked hard and continue to work and I want to thanks them of all my heart.

Talking about thanks the cast members. I thanks all the magic keepers who take care of the parks during the lockdown and who have worked hard these past weeks to make the park so shining. The park is shinning, they have take care of all the gardens and flowers who look awesome, they have repaint a lot of things. A few things were in renovations when I left the park in March, some are always but they have fixed and repaint a lot of details through the park and all Main Street USA, it look really awesome and it is shinning.

Attractions. Apparently, they have done that all the attractions are working for this summer, the Disneyland RailRoad who was in renovation since more than one and a half year is finally back. Only a few attractions who were in big renovation at the parks closures like Buzz LightYear Blast or the New Cars Attraction at the Walt Disney Studios who was supposed take out this summer could be delayed with no official date again. But if not all are working! Attractions are not my favorite thing but I find amazing that Disneyland Paris has take the idea that all attractions must working in this first phase of reopening.

Inside the attractions, they keep social distances and spaces between each group or peoples who are not together.

Waiting Lines. Waiting lines are made of social distances marks, with these social distances marks the lines look longer at the first time but they are not longer, it’s just because there is more spaces between peoples who before stuck together at each others. Social distances are really good for this, peoples that you don’t know are unallowed to stuck you and must keep social distances.

Now the biggest question is, is it a good time to going at Disneyland Paris with these experiences changed? The answers can’t be the same for all the peoples. If it’s a lifetime trip at Disneyland Paris or that you go once every five years, I recommend you to wait that the parades and the night time show is back because it’s really two beautiful things of the park to see if you come once or very rarely.

After, if you’re an annual pass holder or that you made a trip once by year, it’s can be really good to come to see what Disneyland Paris has done like magical things in these times. If you are a rides lover and not a watching shows lover you can come at the parks right now because all the attractions are working.

The answer at this question is differently in function of what you want to of this trip at Disneyland Paris. But if it’s your lifetime trip, I recommend to wait later that the parade and night time show are back.

On this point, I share a few photos that I took on this special day.

I made a video of clips that I filmed during this day, take a look below.

I want to wrap this post by saying that I learned a few things this day but one thing that I learned on this special annual pass holders day is that Disneyland can reunite all different kind of peoples and to be a special place to come back often. On the days before on my previous trips it was hard to tell what kind of peoples to have some annual pass and come back often. On this day, I saw some young, old peoples, family, friends, solo, mentally or physically disabled, white and black, really all kind of peoples. It was a great learning to saw it! Well! Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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