Wellness Retreat To Disneyland Paris

It’s finally official! Disneyland Paris has reopened on June 17, 2021!

After a second closure who has been of eight months, with so much difficult on the way to the reopening because of the French Government. Disneyland Paris is reopened!

I’m just wrapped a trip of one week for the reopening of Disneyland Paris. I was there from June 16, to June 23. On June 15 & 16, we got annual pass soft opening and on June 17, it was the official reopening day. It was the most special and magical day in the world! The morning of June 17, on Main Street USA was something of really special in the world.

It was the first time that I’m stayed so long in the row to Disneyland Paris, and it was the first time that I stayed so long solo on a trip. One full week. It’s crazy! But I loved it! Before going on this trip, I planned it on a very special way! After these hard past eight months on my mental health, and the particularly intense past four months, without one single day break. I chosen to give to this trip another ton than usually on my Disneyland Paris trips. These past months and the long closure of the park, lead me to didn’t know if Disneyland Paris could always be my therapy place, because between these eight months, I changed, I grown and I lost hope in everything so much I felt bad. Right! I decided that this trip could be a kind of wellness retreat trip to Disneyland Paris. Usually, my trips are so full from wake up early to going back late in the evening in the hotel room, to edit some photos until late in the night. I decided to do not make this way this time.

I planned calm days on my planning, without rush, without run, I planned kind of days than I thought could be relaxing. I included morning meditation sessions every day before leaving the hotel room for the park. I have also done one day without parks, just to Disney Village where I ride my first ever hot air balloon and relaxing at the hotel room. Every day doesn’t go as I first planned because at the last minute, I changed of what I wanted to do or because for some reasons it was not possible to do it at the moment that I planned, that was ok. I got that in mind before leaving for my trip but I always followed my goal to do things in a relaxing way. And I pretty successfulled in this goal! On the Friday, I spent my afternoon to find and explore Disneyland Park for find ASMR sounds, it was relaxing. I don’t know again if I could do one Disneyland Paris trip in this way again, because doing in this way, remember me how much I love my full Disney days kind of trips. But I needed one like that after these past eight months and I loved doing it!

The park is STUNNING! They have worked on so much things during the closure! The Castle is under tarps for a refurbishment and it’s looks amazing! It’s really amazing how they have worked to make the tarps. Also there is a few already finished towers who are undercover that we can see and the colors look stunning. I can’t imagine how stunning the colors could be when all the Castle could be undercover of the tarps. I was so excited to find back Buzz LightYear Laser Blast ride who was under refurbishment since January 2020. I discovered the all brand new Cars ride in the Walt Disney Studios park who is amazing and who has opens in the same time that the resort. All the safety measures are here. The entertainment is absolutely amazing and have done one so much better work than last year at the reopening. There is so much Characters in a distance way everywhere. There is an all new music for the reopening that I love. There is always something who happened on the parade route literally almost every 30 minutes. It was crazy! It’s never stops! I was happily shocked, me who miss so much the parades and love seeing things on the parade route. They made my heart happy! Also, there is definitively more peoples in the parks than last year, there is always a capacity limited but there is more of peoples. It was amazing to see the parks with so much peoples, last year the park was depressive with not a lot of peoples. I felt always safe related Covid with more peoples in the park but I’m happy to have done my vaccine before going on the trip. But on the week end, it was the chaos, peoples doesn’t respected mask rules and social distances in the waiting lines. I felt really anxious because some peoples were literally touching me, so I finally leave the park early on the Sunday because I didn’t felt me good about that. Also, I drunk my first Starbucks drinks in eight months and it was amazing! Seeing some peoples around me, seeing some life, I was literally crying inside because it’s something who haven’t happened since October 2020 in France with everything of closed, it was so emotional!

After June 17, June 21 was a really big day for Disneyland Paris with the grand opening of the all new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel. The first Marvel-hotel in the world. I took a walk on the afternoon of the grand opening in the lobby and the shop and this hotel is absolutely amazing.

The weather was totally crazy! It was really hot with 38 degrees Celcius, and with storms every nights. One night, we got a massive storm who has flooded parts of the park. But the next morning when I went in the park, Cast Members has worked all the night and it was almost if nothing happened. On the reopening day, the weather planned rain all day, but finally it was a big sun almost all day with 36 degrees Celcius, it was so hot and hard. But I’m just so grateful that it’s started to rain at the park closure, not before. I preferred that it was hot even if I don’t like the hot weather than if it was rainy all day. Right!

On the side of my mental health. It was hard! But after the past months that I got, I couldn’t excepted that I feel instantly good. I have worked on that before my trip. I worked on the fact also that I grown up and learned so much things about me and my past during these past months, that it’s possible that Disneyland Paris couldn’t be anymore my therapy place or in the same way. I had so much flashbacks, insomnia or nightmares during my trip. But, I was able to go back in my window of tolerance for the first time in months. I haven’t felt anger or rage emotions once time in my trip awhile it’s rhythmed my days before my trip and it was something that I was really afraid about to feel it during my trip. During this trip, on the wellness retreat side I wanted to work on living with mindfulness in the present moment. It was not an easy work but when I managed it was something of exceptional good.

Hard to tell right now if Disneyland Paris could always be my therapy place. But during my trip, even if I felt always heavy on my mental health, I definitely managed to feel better also. Let’s sharing a few more photos of this trip!

It’s with these last photos that I wrap the recap of this week back to Disneyland Paris! Thanks for stopping by!



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