Travel Journaling

Since the beginning of the year I searched a way to document my trips and particularly the little details. I use already photo books to print my trips photos with writing a few details inside but they are particularly the big lines, in the photo books I don’t like write a lot, I prefer let the photos talk.

Right! I have this way to document my trips but I was looking for something else to write more little details. On this side, I generally document my trips over my blog here but I was looking for something else. Why I was looking for a way to document the little details? Because I noticed that these details makes the difference when I remember my trips and I love looking back on these details. In the beginning, I was looking maybe drawing also to document my trips but it was not my thing. I finally go back on writing these details.

In the first months of the year, I had a hard time to find how I want to document these trips, after there had the lockdown and during this lockdown I tried to concentrate me to find by remember my recent past trips how I could love to document these details. I searched during months! Before finally find and launched me in the travel journal. I started this travel journal project during the lockdown, it was a good way to occupate myself and I started by document my first trip this year. But before that it was a challenge again when I found that I wanted trying travel journaling. The challenge was what I want to do and write exactly on it. It was such challenging find that! I was looking during hours on Pinterest for find ideas. But I wanted that it’s keep simple and maybe make the same schema at each trips because this travel journal was a complement from photo books and sharing my trips on my blog. But I wanted to add this complement.

Right! I finally looking on some prompts inspirations. And I have keep three special prompts. In this travel journal, I decided to keep and document the little details who are the best. I don’t wanted to keep the bad and I document them on my blog the bad ones in general. I wanted the challenge of this travel journal keep and writing them the best little details who make the day of each trips the best. And working on the positive side! Who is a rough challenge for me!

I decided to document day by day and working on these three prompts. I have also a little section notes if I want to add a few more details.




Right now! I feel pretty good with this schema that I found but I’m dealing with another trouble. Write in this travel journal at the end of each day in my trips or when I’m back home. I’m currently dealing a lot with that because in more I started this travel journal during the lockdown where I was writing and remembering my past trips in first this year. It’s give me the tendency to write on it calmly when I’m back home but I’m not totally sure that it’s the best way. I wanted to make more when I’m back home also because at the end of each day, I’m more occupy to organize and editing some photos and I haven’t a lot of times to write in a journal again. But I’m not sure that it’s the best way, right I’m trying different ways to find the one who works with me. Currently: on the work!

Do you use travel journal or love journaling simply? What are your favorite things to write in it? Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I love journalling and I also enjoy looking at other people’s spreads and formatting. I myself just do a daily one where I ramble for two pages each day. Thanks for sharing!

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