Summer Vibes

Summer is almost over! I insert an exciting mood that the summer and particularly the weather start to get cooler. I have learned a few things during this summer season and particularly that summer season is not good for my mental health. The high temperatures increase my flashbacks, anxiety and all along. We had two big heatwaves in France and I hope that it was the last one this in July. The temperatures were risen more than 40 degrees Celcius and during about 6 days in the row in each heatwave. In more in the new house, we do not have again the air conditioned. It was as much hot inside that outside of the house. It was hard! All these high temperatures were not good! I tried to enjoy in maximum the “summer things” but it was pretty hard! Because I have learned also that my nighttime routine that I developed this past winter, helping me to reduce my anxiety in general. During these summer nights, I tried to change it with longer days, to spent time outside and to do some other things but it was not good. Its increase my anxiety! I tried to relax, read, ride my bike outside on nights but it was not good. The best is my winter routine! Initially, I thoughts that my winter cozy nighttime routine was better but I wanted to try to change and do not keep in the routine during the summer season. I tried but it was not a success! I tried! That’s good?!

I think, I definitely concluded that the summer season is not good for my mental health when I was back of my Disneyland trip in July under the heatwave and that I haven’t felt so much magic then usually. One thing that I love going at Disneyland, it’s the magic who helps me to keep a positive mind. These days, during planning my big Disneyland trip in September, I thoughts at all the day trips that I have done, I was now at Disneyland during almost every season, winter for my birthday, spring and summer, I miss just fall and I’m excited to discover by this season. But during my two summer day trips, these are the days that I felt the less of magic. That’s the fact! Hot days are not only not my favorites but they are not good for my mental health!


What I loved to do during the summer season were the water things, eat ice creams, smoothies and ride my bike by day and spent more time outside, s’mores, watching sunrise and sunset and beach times. Wear summer clothes was nice also and spending quiet time under a tree. And going at Disneyland was good even if I felt less of magic! Do you love summer? I’m curious, do hot temperatures increase your anxiety? Thanks for reading!



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