Summer At The Beach Cabin

I’m back home from two weeks at the beach cabin in the south of France. And I’m back home of three weeks away from home. I left home mid-June for my Disneyland Paris trip where I spent one week for the reopening. And when I left Disneyland Paris I directly headed to the south without going back home. And I spent two weeks at the beach cabin.

It was supposed be a real summer beach vacation, in reality it was not really a vacation. I spent these times in the south to explore my mental health after my trip to Disneyland Paris. It was many mixed emotions to work on it. I spent much of my times to explore how my mental health and my new healing stage is after to have done my trip to Disneyland Paris, to compare my emotions and how my mental health is after my difficult 8 past months that I got and how I feel about to be back to Disneyland Paris.

When I written the recap of my Disneyland Paris, I was there to explore these emotions and I was not able to tell if Disneyland Paris after these 8 months of closure because I grown so much emotional during these months could always be my therapy place. Now, after to have explore post-trip my emotions and my mental health. I can definitely tell that Disneyland Paris has been helpful on my mental health. Sometimes I could love but it’s could never be possible (and maybe it’s a good thing) to feel how I felt during my Disneyland Paris before the Covid. And no, it’s not because of the Covid or of the restrictions, Disneyland Paris has done an amazing work and my heart felt so full for the first time in a long time. But it’s because these past months, my traumas has been unlocked and I’m totally always in an emotional burn out because of that. Really! I think, it’s totally ok and normal that it was helpful in a different way. But during my Disneyland Paris trip, I was able to be back in my window of tolerance, one thing who haven’t happened since December 2020. My brain was more in rest position even if it’s hard for him. A few days after to be back from my Disneyland Paris trip, in the south I fastly have be back outside from my window of tolerance again, without be able to go back in it. Right! Just with that, I can tell that Disneyland Paris has been therapeutic.

Right! These vacation in the south were not really some vacation. But once again to working on my mental health and trying to understand my traumas and healing. It was such exhausting. And in this way I was not really able to enjoy the beach around me. But, like even. A few beach mood photos to follow!

Right! That wraps this supposed summer vacation but who has not been some vacation! Thanks for stopping by!



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