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Right! This is some good news! Yesterday afternoon, there is had the adress by the Prime Minister in France, in view of starting the phase 2 of reopening the country. They give some really good news about the evolution of the Coronavirus in France. The phase 2 of reopening the country will start on June 2. To definite in what counties of France, the Coronavirus was the most powerful they used a map of the France with the color green and red. Green the situation was calm even if the Coronavirus was present and red the situation was tough. My county was of course in red because we are the city who had the more of cases and death of Coronavirus. We officially passing in green. All the France is green, except Ile De France, Guyana and Mayotte who are passing in orange in view of the complicated situation in different ways.

The phase 2 in green zone, include the opening every things, restaurants, museums, parks,… on June 2. In orange, a few things opening again but less and if in green zone the theme parks are authorized to open in orange zone they are authorized to open only on June 22. On June 22, the phase 3 of the opening of the country will start if all is good. It means that Disneyland Paris is authorized to opens on June 22. Now, Disneyland Paris doesn’t have gives official opening date again. We are waiting! But whatever the date, that they are authorized to opens on June 22 is a success because, before there is no really hope who opens before July 15. Now, they are authorized before! Now, it is necessary to waiting the official date made by Disneyland Paris. Listening this adress of the Prime Minister gives me hope a bit and help me to feel a bit better, even if it’s nothing big.


Now, I’m sharing the last video that I edited. This is the very first time that I’m doing an attraction video. Usually, I don’t filming in attractions, except a few times with my iPhone for some Instagram stories. Here it was a first! In the beginning of the year, when I thought and planned a few videos that I wanted to do at Disneyland Paris during the year, filming attractions on ride was on it. Filming an attraction is again different challenging than filming a parade or simply the park. I’m pretty happy of this first attraction video and I noticed and write down things that I must take in account the next time that I could filming attractions to makes some things better.

On my first attraction, I have chosen to do It’s A Small World because it’s an iconic and it’s the older attraction in Disneyland Paris and to be honest I thought it was the one more easy. But in real, I’m not sure that it was finally the easier. Whatever! Here the video!

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