Social Anxiety Progress

I do not share a lot about my social anxiety over here! I talk about a bit when I do a solo trip recap because it’s in the part. A few weeks ago, I shared a few tips how I manage my social anxiety in a post here. But I didn’t talk about my social anxiety feelings more and mostly that my social anxiety doesn’t stop to get troubles to go outside and talk to peoples outside. Yes! Because my social anxiety is really present even when I must talk to peoples behind my laptop. And! Yesterday, I have done something over my Instagram account that I wanted to do since months but that I was not able because of my social anxiety.

To have social interactions is really hard in life outside even if since that I travel in solo I have done so much progress and outside of my daily environment, I’m able to do very little social interactions without too much feeling me anxious. Ok! One thing to know: it’s easier to me to have social interactions when I travel solo in another city than mine, when I’m around my house I deal so much more to have social interactions. Maybe because of my past and flashbacks.

My social anxiety is behind my laptop or phone also! I’m really anxious to interact with other peoples. I love to read other blogs and I like often their posts (maybe you saw it if I follow you) but I rarely let a comment on the post. It’s really anxious to me, I would let more comments but I don’t manage. Sometimes, on a good day or on a post I feel better to interact I can be able to let a comment. But like you could to saw it if I commented on your blog, these are never some big comments, but some very simple. I’m afraid to interact! I’m afraid of what the blogger could think of my comment, do have good written?… I think it’s stopping me to grow up more my audience of the fact that I do not interact a lot but I’m out of control with my anxiety even behind my laptop.

I love taking photos and sharing some on my Instagram account! But here again, I deal to interact with other Instagram peoples. Since a few months, in my stories I wanted to share my favorite Instagram accounts but I was so much anxious. So, I haven’t been able to do it! Until, yesterday! Yesterday like these last weeks was a rough day, I had so much anxiety and flashbacks, the house was so noisy because we get the air conditioner installed and my cat wanted all time cuddles because she was afraid. But! In the afternoon, I decided that it could to be today, the day where I share my favorite accounts. I created my own templates and in the mid-afternoon I have done it. I shared my favorite Instagram accounts in the two principal categories that I follow peoples. Mental Health & Disney Parks. I felt less anxious to share my favorite mental health accounts because they deal with mental troubles like me but I was more anxious to share my favorite Disney parks accounts because they do not deal with mental troubles and I was afraid to how they could react if an account with mental health name could share their account. Finally, I had the sweetest messages ever! I thanks them all! The mental health or Disney parks accounts all answer me with love and thanks! And even if it’s not really what I searched by sharing their accounts more than the half to have even re-shared my story in their own story, it’s given me a few followers back on my accounts. I did not hope to that because in more my favorite accounts have generally less than 10k followers. It’s really nice! I had the sweetest messages in DM also of them.

It was really friendly to do it and I think I can tell that it’s a progress in my social anxiety! I feel now again better socially and like I’m ready to do more social things! Do you have social anxiety behind your laptop?




  1. I also have a lot of social anxiety. But, it’s funny because i have more social anxiety with people i “know”, than with people i don’t know. For example, I will more comment on posts of people I don’t really know on instagram, than on posts of people I know. And I’m the same when I’m travelling, I have way more anxiety when I’m in my own city or around where I live, than when I’m travelling alone in an other country… Thank you for your post, It’s good to see that I’m not alone ! 🙂 (my english isn’t the best so I hope you get what I meant)

    • Yes! Thank you for sharing! I totally understand between the anxiety with peoples “I know” and “I don’t know”. The anxiety can be crazy!

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