Sneak Peek Of Disney Illuminations – Disneyland Paris

Disney Illuminations is an of my biggest favorite show! This is a spectacular night time show presented by Pandora who takes place at Disneyland park closure time. Right! If you want to be in front row like the view on the following video, you need to arrive 2 hours before the show. This show has started for the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Disney Illuminations is a mix with mapping on the castle, firework, lasers, flames thrower and water jets with of course the music. It presents some scenes of some iconic disney movies. The show duration is 20 minutes. And it’s an of my favorite time at Disneyland Paris. Fantasyland is closed one hour prior the park closure hours to prepare the show. On my recent post about some Disneyland Paris secrets I shared one about the preparation of Disney Illuminations that you can look around 45 minutes before the show during waiting for it.

I took some tapes that I got of my September and October 2019 trips and I make a video sneak peek inside this show. I miss this show! Enjoy the video!

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