Sleepless Nights & Christmas Movies

You have maybe read it on my blog once or two that I have big sleeping troubles currently. It’s started in July, I was not able to sleep before 4h00 am, during my three weeks away from home in September, it was really better, I was able to fall asleep before midnight. Now, it’s weeks again that I’m not able to sleep correctly, I start really, really to be tired. One fact about me: I need absolutely 8 hours of sleep by night, to feel not tired in the day.

I’m going to sleep around 11h00 pm and the most day I’m not able to fall asleep before 2h00 am. More I try to fall asleep, more I stay wake up longer. I don’t know exactly why I’m not able to fall asleep faster but I think that it’s because of my flashbacks, I have a very lots currently. It’s three weeks that I started the Sertraline and it’s doesn’t really helps me. I’m at 25 mg by day and I was thinking that it’s maybe not enough powerful for the very bad that my mental health is currently and since weeks. The only time that I was able to sleep fast is during my Disneyland Paris trips, I fall asleep in less of 1 hour. I don’t know if it’s because I’m exhausted physically after a day in the park or because I have watched Disney Illuminations at night rather than a tv show on Netflix. Because for me watching Disney Illuminations is better than watching some on Netflix. Or maybe because I had less of flashbacks and anxiety during the day in Disneyland. I don’t know, probably a mix of all.

These last days, I tried new technics to be able to fall asleep faster. The more helpful thing that I found is reading a bit before going to sleep. I have a book with several little Christmas stories and I read one before to lay down. It tires more my eyes and mind and it’s helping a bit. But it’s not working every night. I dealt also between the thing to take a nap in the afternoon or not. It’s weeks that my sleeping troubles are here and each day I’m again more tired so I try to take a nap in the afternoon. I thought that it was maybe that who gives me troubles to fall asleep at night. But not! In the contrary, I noticed that the afternoons when I took a nap, I fell asleep faster while when I haven’t taken a nap I took again longer to fall asleep. I’m in the trouble and I start really to be tired!

In waiting that I’m able to fall asleep each night until 02h00 am, I’m watching Christmas movies. I know that watching tv during sleeping is not good but I also tried the difference to try to fall asleep with and without tv, and I fall asleep faster with the tv on with a low sound. I enjoy that it’s now the season for watching Christmas movies until I fall asleep.

I already shared my favorite Christmas movies last season but here a few of my biggest favorites that I watch again and again, they are some big Christmas movies or some simple Hallmark Christmas movies.


– Beethoven Christmas Adventure.

– Home Alone 1 & 2 & 3.

– Santa Baby.

– The Santa Clause 1 & 2.

– Santa Who?

– The Polar Express.

– The Dog Who Saved Christmas 1 & 2.

– A Wish For Christmas.

– Window Wonderland.

– Deck the Halls.

– A Christmas Kiss.

– Christmas Getaway.


In reality, I have again a few others favorite BUT between the original name and the french name on the french tv is different, and sometimes two different channels give two different names at the same movies in France, I don’t remember the names of the other movies. Right! What is your favorite Christmas movie?




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