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Well! I lived so much emotions these past ten days! For the first time in four months most of them are good! I could talk about one thing who gives the best emotions soon! Stay tuned! But now, last week I have done my first travel since the lockdown. Right! It was not pretty easy! I was excited and nervous! We let on July 4, until July 11, for a seaside summer family vacation in the south of France.

First step in all, it was the first time that I get really outside and back in the world since my trip at Disneyland Paris in March, the week before the lockdown. I was not in the beginning of this crisis but since a few weeks, I feel pretty anxious about the Coronavirus. Maybe because even if in France we have started the phase 3 of reopening the country on June 22 and that the situation about the Coronavirus is rather stabilized at this day, the virus is always here. And that’s anxious me a lot! Going outside on July 4, I was nervous, in more I had two challenges in the same time. We took the TGV for going in the south. We had five hours of ride and in public transports the mask is mandatory all the time. Ok! One, my first time taking the public transports where the virus can to be and second wearing the mask for the first time and during five hours in the row. About the mask, it was for me psychologically a test to see if I feel ok with it because at Disneyland Paris for the reopening it’s mask mandatory all the time also and probably again more than five hours I could wear it. Right! At the end of the TGV journey, the test was passed. I feel ok with it and it’s ok and doable for all the day at Disneyland Paris. That’s right!

Well! We were supposed to go at Biarritz for this summer vacation but our flight has been canceled because we have a tri-national airport with the France, Germany and Switzerland and all the flights even if the European Unions has started to open on June 15, were not again here and it was canceled. We have switched this trip to later this summer and in waiting we have chosen to going somewhere else. We have been in a camping at Palavas Les Flots. Right! I was a bit disappointed that we can’t go at Biarritz, we started to book this trip before the lockdown but back from this trip in the south of France, I feel that it was a good thing.

It was really challenging psychologically to travel with this Coronavirus all the time in my head and I could not to have enjoyed the time in Biarritz like I dream it since a few years. In the south of France, it was so hard to see most of the peoples wearing no masks and respecting any social distances. I was really anxious! The first time that I went on the beach on Sunday afternoon, it was crowded, any social distances and I felt really not good to saw that! Because in the same time, I was following online the preparations of the reopening of Disneyland Paris and the safety measures and it was a total contrast between the two. I felt not good! Like Disneyland Paris were preparing the most of safety measures who can to do and in the south it was almost like the virus didn’t exist anymore. The contrast that I saw was crazy!

My favorite times for going on the beach is early in the morning and during sunset and this time, it was perfect in more because almost nobody on the beach at these moments and perfect for more social distances. Right! If not after my first TGV journey on the first day, all the week we did the most of things that we do on a beach vacation. I will not to do a recap day by day because the same beach things every day, it’s will be annoying!

On the side of my mental health, this first trip in four months and without talking about the fact of the Coronavirus that I talked early. It was pretty hard to detach me mental health from the home where I was lockdown in four months and where my mental health gets worse a little more each day. But I think it was the beginning after four months without travel where when the seven months before the lockdown I traveled every month. It was a beginning also with my bad mental health of these past weeks/months. The situation mentally was really hard with my flashbacks these past weeks and during this trip it was hard but for the first time in a long time, I could spent a few minutes in the row without any flashbacks. I was not able of that since weeks. It was good already even if the hour after it was in a crisis again. I think all that it was a beginning on my mental health and it’s for this reason I think it was good that we haven’t did like first trip post lockdown, our trip to Biarritz.

Talking about my social anxiety. When I have done so much progress during my previous trips at Disneyland Paris. It feels it on this summer beach vacation compared to the previous early summer vacations. We had a camping next to the beach, I could going many times in the days in walking, it was amazing when the rest of the family doesn’t wanted to go when I wanted to go. Maybe an easy thing but the previous years because of my social anxiety I was not able to walk and trough the camping until the beach. And here I have done without any anxiety! It was amazing! Just that it makes my trip. Going in front of peoples on the beach was an enorme source of anxiety for my social anxiety and there I have done it without any anxiety. It was amazing! Even that it was a family vacation, my therapeutic solo trips at Disneyland Paris (and even if I had a break of four months), the positive effects of these solo trips showed themself on this family vacation. I have done a ton of things that on last summer vacation it was not able to do because of my social anxiety. Right! Ah! And the biggest success of this vacation also, I read a book in only three days. What! How I did that? I took with me on the trip, the last book about Harry Potter and there I read it in three days. Last year, when I read the other Harry Potter books I took four weeks to read one book, now just in a few days. This is an of my best accomplishment during this trip. I can’t believe I did that! I loved the book and I was able to stay concentrate during all the reading. Wahoo! On that, I wrap with some photos!

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