Review: One Year With A Disneyland Annual Pass

Let’s do this! Day for day, yesterday it’s one year ago that I bought my first annual pass holder from Disneyland Paris. One year ago, I bought my first annual pass with the intention to return a few times in the year to Disneyland Paris but never I could to have thought come back monthly and so much. My annual pass is financially rentabilized since my September trip. And if like a minimalist I think a lot before each thing that I buy, my annual pass is probably an of the best thing that I bought in 2019.

I’m thinking it since my trips during the Christmas season, if I could renew it. It’s seems easy the anwser in view of the positive effects that my monthly trips to Disneyland Paris has on my mental health. But I don’t like to buy things that I could not totally use, and buy an annual pass it’s on the complete year so I thinking about since a few moments now. Right! My February and March trips has been decisive in the answer to the question if yes or not I renew it.

I choose to RENEW IT! Right! I was supposed to renew it during my monthly trip in April but of course I couldn’t because of the closure. I could renew it when the parks could re-open. Ok! If I survive mentally to this closure. But I’m again more motivated to renew it now and it’s let me the time to choose for what annual pass I wanted to renew it.

Today, what Disney parks do in these closure times for annual pass holders?

In April, Disney has suspended the monthly payments during all the parks closure time and could extend the annual passes validities when the parks could re-open to the number of days that the parks has been closed. That’s right!

Right! With this situation I have again a few months of utilization of my actual annual pass because the parks has closed on March 14, and my normal validity was until the May 15, and we do not know when the parks could open again. But I wanted to do this post, to distract me from this situation. And the HOPE, HOPE, yes because the first step of opening process has started in Shanghai Disneyland and it opens back on May 11.

RIGHT! Taking a two minutes to forgot the difficulty of this situation and remember this past year of utilization of my annual pass and good memories. I’m so grateful for it!



Disneyland Paris has four different types of annual passes with of course different prices. When I bought my first one year ago, I thought during one month before choose the right type in function of my future utilization. After a lot, a lot of reflections I have chosen the Magic Plus, a little lower in the options than the Infinity the more expensive but enough for me. It’s included Extra Magic Hours, available 350 days in the parks, annual pass special entrance gates, reduction in shops and restaurants. At 299€, it was the right. And all long year, I have never regretted to have chosen this one. My biggest choice to take this one is the numbers of days that the pass is available in the year, the Extra Magic Hours because I stay in Disneyland Paris hotels partners who do not contain Extra Magic Hours.


A lot of peoples ask if to buy an annual pass and go more often delete the magic, of the same way that when you work to Disneyland. I think, it’s depending some peoples, some could forget the magic, some others could be the same quantity of magic that the first day. For me, this is again another story because I go to Disneyland Paris for therapeutic effects. I think, it’s depending also for what you love to go at Disneyland, attractions, shows, meet characters… To be honest, to me the magic was more powerful when I was back on my trip in February after two months without trip that when I was between my trip in November and December. I got a lot of magic but a bit less. But magic or not, it’s not for the only reason that I do these monthly trips to Disneyland Paris, and it’s not only the magic when I go down Main Street USA who is therapeutic for me, it’s for a multiple others reasons again. BUT! In each of my trip, I have always had the magic to go down Main Street USA. But after two months without, it was again more powerful. Ok! I’m excited and afraid of how much magic it’s could give me the day to go back in the parks after months of closure because of the Coronavirus.


I live to 500km from Disneyland Paris. This is why, this is a reflexion to buy an annual pass. I go by train. TGV exactly! I have an usual TGV departure at 05h42 am and arrive to the gare station of Marne La Vallée at 08h48 am. My usual TGV back home is departure from Marne La Vallée at 08h11 pm and I’m arriving around 11h20 pm. I have about 3 hours of train. Before or after, I have again 30 minutes of road to arrive at the gare or back home after the gare, my parents drive me generally because I haven’t my driving license. This is the only ones TGV hours that I have. But even if it’s early and late, I love them.


I pay monthly my annual pass. Ok! For each trip themself, I have the TGV, hotel to pay principally. I do not eat when I’m there and do not do real meals, I haven’t a lot of money inside food category. And I do not buy things in the shops. Sometimes a few things, and sometimes it’s even not for me. But it’s already happened that I’m back home from a trip without to have bought anything. Right! The TGV, plus hotel are really my biggest and only dispense of my trips. On a two nights/three days trip, in staying principally on the Vienna House Dream Castle and Vienna Magic Circus hotels and the train, plus a few dispenses like the lockers for the luggage, and one or two snacks, in solo, I’m around 300€ to 500€ on monthly trip, it’s depending some seasons and prices.


At Disneyland Paris, you can fastly rentabilized an annual pass, even the more expensive. I needed four days to rentabilized mine and in one week, you can rentabilized the Infinity pass to 450€. There is the entrance price but with the annual pass you can to have different advantages and some reductions in restaurants and shops. To rentabilize it again more. I don’t know if it’s because I’m minimalist and I invest not in a lot of things but when I do I invest really inside them to totally use it. But even if you can fastly make profits of it for the park entrance price, I think you need to go more that the numbers of days where you can start to make profits of it, to really use it and to have the feeling that it was a purchase who really worth it. In my opinion for a Magic Plus, I think you need to go at least seven days in the year even if you can rentabilize it in four days, of course not in the row and at least two weeks in the year for an Infinity pass.


Are you boring, to go back and back at the same beach that you love? Are you boring to go back and back at the same restaurant that you love? Are you boring to go back and back at the same city that you love? Probably not! Because you love it and it’s a place that you have in your heart. It’s can to be for multiple reasons! But it’s a place that you have in your heart and you love. Disney parks are the same thing! In more, Disneyland Paris change at each seasons, at each seasons, there is new things, different decorations, different shows,… if you planning trips in each different seasons, you could always see the parks differently. Disney parks have also a lot for the details, you could always see new things and details in each trip. That’s really fun!


Probably, that this simple card is my best therapy tool in my C-PTSD. But outside that! I love the special entrance gates for the Magic Plus and Infinity passes, the reductions in the restaurants and shops. I never was in a restaurant really but the reductions work when you buy also a hot cocoa (not in the karts) and it’s pretty cool to have this card and to have a reduction each time that you buy something even under 3€. Where else it is exit that?! I don’t know any other places who do that in France!


Right! After to have thinking if yes or not I renew it. The next question was for what kind of annual pass this time. I took a long, long time to have the answer. And thanks to the parks closure, I finally done my choice who could maybe to have been wrong if there hadn’t been this extra time to thinking (ok, now please open back). I was happy with my Magic Plus annual pass and it was totally enough this past year. I was encouraged me to renew it to this one again. But on another side there is the higher and more expensive of 150€ Infinity pass, with of course much advantages and of better reductions, the VIP emplacements during the Disney Stars On Parade and Disney Illuminations. But despite all these advantages in more, I was not sure that it’s worthed it and that I could regret it maybe.

Finally after weeks and two months of parks closure and lot, lot of reflections, I decided that I could renew it for an Infinity pass, in departure I was really for take again a Magic Plus. But what is the thing who has changed my mind? With the Infinity pass, there is free lockers for the luggages. Until this time, I always used the lockers from the gare station, I must placed inside my luggage on the first and last days. Right! I have always a total of 14€ and before going on the trip, I must always verified that I have them in coins because they do not accept cash. 14€ in coins it’s hard to have, I have them never, I always ask to my family to do a change between cash and coins. Right! 14€ is the difference of monthly payments between the Magic Plus and Infinity passes. I decided for this in more of the others advantages that it’s worthed it.

Fun fact why I hesitated to renew more for an Infinity pass: I like more the color of the Magic Plus than the black color of the Infinity pass. Right! I know!


Let me tell if you have a Disneyland Paris annual pass and what you think about? What you love the more?




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