New Rules

Welcome to a new rules spirit post!

I was inspired recently by doing a daily rules board. Daily rules who can inspire myself and keep going even on the bad days. My mental health is really bad since months now and some days it’s really hard to keep going. I had a few better days during a few days after my day trip at Disneyland Paris two weeks ago. But now I’m back in a relapse and some hard days. I find that ok, this situation relapse. After four months where my mental health getting worse a bit more each day, I can’t ask to feel immediately better after just one day therapy trip. This day was amazingly therapeutic, more than I would have thought after so much time to be bad. I had a few calm and really better days during a few days who has followed this day. Never, I would have thought that this day could be so much therapeutic and continuing during a few days after. Right! I’m feel ok with this relapse! It’s a beginning to be better after as much as to feel myself bad. This does not prevent that it’s hard to feel again bad after a few days to be better and that it’s can be hard to keep going some days.

Right! I write down five rules that I must (trying) follow particularly on the bad days. Trying to follow them and keep these five rules in my mind. I write down and chosen these rules with my currently mind state. I chosen these personal rules that I know are the best to help me to keep going.

Let’s a look detailed of why I chosen these rules.



Since months, every day was a bad day. I started to get mad, angry after myself to feel myself like that and do not be able to manage to be better and to have every day a bad day. During the lockdown, I got a notification of my motivation quotes app with this ” be kind even on bad days “. I tried to start pausing my mind about be mad after myself. Each time that I started to be mad after myself to feel bad every day, I remember this phrase and it’s helped me to calm my angry towards myself to feel me bad and it’s helped me to manage these bad days with a little more of calm in my mind.



It’s not a Disneyland related. Right! But for be honest since the lockdown and the beginning of this world crisis, I haven’t really of dreams. Little or big, I haven’t one really anymore. It’s makes me a bit sad, because before this crisis I had some. And right now, not really anymore! It’s maybe the problem, I need starting to dream really again to have the want to do some things again and be motivated.



It’s not a secret that I have any self confidence, these past nine months I started to build it a little. I could maybe talk about here soon, it’s so good to have a bit of self confidence. It’s not a lot but this is the first time of my life that I manage to have a bit of self confidence, even when I was a child I had any self confidence. I grow up all my life without any self confidence. I just recently started to believe that I can do some things. Believe you can was a logical rule to add to continue to progress in my self confidence.



Right! To be honest, I write down this rule because even if I have done the choice to be back at Disneyland Paris even if the parades/shows are not back at this first reopening phase that the park has started. This is a hard time for me that the parades and shows are not back again. A hard time, I miss them and want to see them again. I try to be patient and tell myself the park has reopening only two weeks ago and it is a first phase, I try to be patient but this is hard. Well! I write down a rule to trying to help me to try continue to be patient.



In life even before this world crisis, I haven’t had a lot of passions. I haven’t a lot of passions but when I have one this is generally a powerful passion. During the lockdown or because it’s off-season, I haven’t managed to follow any of my passions. I think, it’s time to try to follow some passions again, little or big passions, it’s time to follow them again. To be inspired and motivated!


If follow these rules could help me, I decided that in September I could find a frame that I love and place it in my room. Have you some daily rules? Have you some special rules on your bad days? Thanks for stopping by!



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