New Art Therapy Tools

I talked about I use Art Therapy is a post last summer here. Lately, I had a few new tools that I added to my Art Therapy routine and I wanted to share them here.

I bought this Giant Poster in my trip to Disneyland Paris last week. I come back rarely with a few bought from my Disneyland Paris trips, I do not go there to buy in shops but enjoying the parks. But, when I saw this one in a shop, I flashed on it and I knew that I wanted to use it for art therapy.

I never so much loved to coloring that with this poster, I use at night, when before I played with my Nintendo Switch, now I’m obsessed with this coloring poster during watching a movie. It’s a big one – about 100 cm on 70 cm. I bought me a new 36 watercolor pencils set also for art therapy.

Always in art therapy, I bought me this book. It’s a learn to draw book with Disney characters. During my trips to Disneyland Paris, each time that I’m passing by the Art Academy in the Walt Disney Studios, I wanted to learn to draw Disney characters but I have never had the time to stop by it. It’s in my plans during a next trip! But! In waiting at home, to practice art therapy with learning to draw Mickey & Friends.


I consider in the category of art therapy also but I could talk about more in a dedicated post because it’s in another way. I started Travel Journalling but I could talk more soon because it’s something that I recently started and I want to practice more before talk about here.


It’s a few of my new art therapy tools. Do you practice art therapy? What is your favorite tool? Thanks for reading!




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  1. I like colouring in. I have my colouring books still, on one side to grab if required a small one. My others in my craft corner. I have not been colouring as often as I once did. But it’s there when needed.
    I like rock painting too.

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