Life Update! I love to do this kind of post every two months (except its four months that I did not make one, I don’t know why) to see where I’m in the different parts of my life and come back on the previous posts and see my progress. So, it’s time to do one right now!

Food. Well! I can rather eat what I want. No matter what is, if I want I do it. On a note: between the moving and kitchen renovations, it’s three weeks that I wasn’t able to bake a cake or cupcakes and it starting to miss me. I love banana smoothie. Rice, and pasta. Since the moving, I have an obsession with sandwiches, easy to do and my favorite is turkey sandwich.

Borderline. Nothing of special to say! I took always Lamictal 25mg on mornings. I’m stable.

Depression. On some days, I can easily to be depressed because of my anxiety and particularly thoughts obsessional who invade me and I’m exhausted by them. It’s really hard and depressing sometimes! In the beginning of February, I started to take again a little of Sertraline to trying to help me and rest my mind. But I don’t know, it’s only three weeks, it does not help me!

Social Anxiety. My social anxiety is upset with moving in the new house these times. I think in a good way! Side social anxiety on travel, I feel good and ready to explore the world without much anxiety now since my solo trips last year. I even booked a solo trip in Paris in Avril, while it’s the city who anxious me the more socially in France. Right! I felt more anxious around my town these last months. By now! I changed of city and here I’m excited when the moving process is finished and spring here to explore and going outside in the new city.

Therapist Attachment. This weekend I had to do a compromise with my parents. With the moving my parents have a lot of things to do and do not have time to drive me in mountains for skiing. I was supposed to have a psychiatrist visit today but I asked my parents if I cancel this visit, on Sunday yesterday they could drive me in the mountains. They say yes! I have chosen to skiing rather than a psychiatrist visit while I had already no psychiatrist visit in the three past weeks because my psychiatrist was on vacation. So! I can tell, no therapist attachment!

Sleeping. Well! If I turn off the screens just after midnight, I can easily fall asleep. But if I continue until 01h00 in the morning, I do not fall asleep before 03h00 in the morning. In the day, I generally took a nap or fall asleep just before dinner. I need a lot of sleep these times.

Going Out. I love going outside to skiing. And enjoy the cold weather!

Working. Working on my two next solo trips is a work?! More seriously, I’m currently always working on my driving theory. No time for other work with the moving process.

Physical. I don’t know. I do not always have a lot of physical strength. I can easily be skiing in the row during 1h30 but after I start to be really tired. I was not able to carry heavy things during the moving but I think, it’s like even a little better than last summer. It’s maybe because my tendinitis pain in my hands let me tranquil these days.

Watching. I’m watching my regular tv shows, Modern Family, Law and Order: SVU, Psych, adding to this The Suite Life On Deck. I do not watch a lot of movies.

Playing. I have no real interest in playing even with my wood sudoku. I do not draw, work on my hand lettering book,… The time was missing with the moving process, like on another side I started to read also.

What is in my head currently?

I will stay on the positive things and not my negative obsessional thoughts!

My day trip at Disneyland Paris in March, and a few days at Paris in Avril. Working on these trips, planning the details. Skiing. My week ski trip in January in Alpe d’Huez is in my head every day, it was such an amazing trip! Working, on all the big and little decor details of my new bedroom. I spent hours to search on the internet what I want to make my cozy bedroom. I think that wraps! xoxo. Thanks for reading!


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