Life Lately: Snow, Hot Cocoa, Mini-Trip, Mental Health Retreat

It’s time for a bit of life lately. This is my first one of the year! This year, I haven’t had the want to do my monthly life lately series. I want more to share a random life lately when I want to do it. This life lately could cover the two-three last weeks. Because before that I already shared a bit in different posts like the Snow Days post when on the third week of January we got the first time in 15 years so much snow at home, and just after that I went on a Winter and Ski Adventure. Right!

Let’s continues with the weather! Around Valentine’s Day, we got some snow again at home and it was really cold. The temperatures was down until -15 degrees Celsius during six days in the row. I live in a place of France where it’s often and we are used to cold in Winter but it’s never happened in a long time that the temperatures rise so down. It’s snowed again, less that the last time in January but we got a beautiful white blanket around the house and with the cold temperatures, the snow is stayed many days. It was good and not for my mental health. Of course, because I love snow but with ski lifts closed because of the Covid in France, it’s such hard mentally to see snow like even.

On Monday last week, I left early in the morning the cold temperatures in my district to go a few days in the South Of France with my parents to work on a project that we got since more than one year but has been delayed because of the Covid. I let snow landscapes views from the TGV to arrive in a district where it was 15 degrees Celsius. The difference of temperatures between -15 degrees Celsius at home to 15 degrees Celsius in the South, it was such weird. But I want stopping a bit that watching snow landscapes from a TGV view was a thing that I dreamed. And a panoramic train ride in the Alps with snow is definitively on my travel bucket list now.

In the South Of France, I haven’t done something, we go down only for preparing a project, and with everything of closed in France, we can doing nothing. I stayed most of the time during three days in the hotel room. But with the restrictions in France, the restaurants are now closed since October 2020 and have no date to reopens again (this is anxious me a lot because there is no hope that Disneyland Paris opens if restaurants are not authorized to open). Right! These circumstances make that I have done for the first time room services (because it was the only thing available) in my life. Right! I don’t know if I love it! It was a fast mini-trip!

I recently bought myself a new TV. The last time that I bought a TV it was ten years ago, and this new is my first connected TV! Yes! Buying TV was not a priority in my life. I’m not watching a lot TV because of my child experiences TV is rather for watching News, a thing that avoid the maximum today because of my anxiety. Right! But these past months, with Disney + I wanted to watch more TV or play with my Nintendo Switch on my old TV. But a thing that I often noticed it’s when I was lay down on my bed for watching a movie. I had a hard time not only because of the tiggers than a movie can brings on my mental health. But I finally noticed that the screen of my TV was too small. Right! I bought a connected and bigger TV. This is amazing! My parents have a big TV in the living room but I never use it because they watch all the time some News or French Tv Shows who anxious me. Really! I discovered a bigger TV is amazing! When I watch a Disneyland Paris Watch Parties, I feel like I’m almost in the park to watch it. This is so good!

If you read my post Self-Love for Valentine’s Day, you could know a bit more of what I talk but in the way to practice Self-Love, I was in the mood to add hearts and pink touches everywhere. I have rearranged my board next my desk in these colors. I added heart whipped cream on my Nutella crepes or in my hot cocoa during my afternoon snacks. I don’t know if it’s really working but apparently, read in my Self-Love workbook, Self-Love is a learning process, it’s not happening overnight and again less when you are a people who have never practiced Self-Love of her life.

Right! I will finish by talking about decisions that I took for my mental health in the beginning of the month. I don’t talked about them really! At the end of January, after to have realized on my ski trip how bad my mental breakdown was, worst than I thought it. I took the principal decision to do an one month Instagram/Social Media/Internet break. I can’t tell that Instagram or Social Media was the problem. But it was like even a problem. It’s started particularly at the second closures of Disneyland Paris and second lockdowns in France at the end of October 2020.

To face the Covid, the restrictions in France are often more strict that in other places. I don’t want to tell if it’s a good thing or not for manage the Covid crisis. But when I followed peoples on Instagram from Florida who going at Walt Disney World who hasn’t reclosed like Disneyland Paris, or these peoples who goes like normal in hotel, bar, and more because the Florida gouvernment makes any restrictions. It’s started to be too hard mentally to see peoples life almost like normal awhile in these places the Covid situation was not under control. And in France, we have everything of closed since the end of October 2020. The French gouvernment took strictest decisions and also they take longer to lift them. We are currently on the the way to try avoid a third lockdown since the end of January, we are under curfew from 06h00pm since mid-December. Nothing is wins but I feel like the French gouvernment make the more possible to avoid the third lockdown but in the way add more other restrictions and refuses to lift some restrictions who are here since the end of October and start to be heavy mentally.

Seeing big differences between gouvernments where peoples that I followed particularly on Instagram is such hard. And with my current mental breakdown, I took the decision to cut off Instagram and Social Medias or everything who shows me the difference between the gouvernments. I chosen to take this decision to take a break of these things during one month. It’s now three weeks, that I apply them. My mental breakdown is not healed but I feel like I have a less heavy weight inside me of the fact that I do not scroll anymore stuff who remember me that in Florida everything is open and in France everything is closed. I’m currently thinking but I haven’t took really my decision again, if I decided first to take this break during the month of February, I think more and more that I will continue it after the end of this month. And I think that I could not be back on Instagram before that the France starts to lift some restrictions in place since the end of October 2020 and that the reopening date in place for Disneyland Paris is real. Because I doubt it for April 2, 2021. And in this case, it’s could the third times that the reopening date is delayed since the end of October 2020, because of the French gouvernment restrictions.

Well! It’s break my heart, do not be able to follow peoples that I loved to follow, the problem was not them but what their gouvernments left them doing or not. It’s break my heart, I want to follow these peoples daily but seeing the differences because of the gouvernments is so heavy for my mental health awhile I’m already in a mental breakdown. This thing is not the cause of the my mental breakdown but it’s does not helps me and add anger inside me daily when I scroll and see these differences. Right! Even if it was planned for one month only, I don’t think that I could be back on Instagram before that the France can lift some restrictions. And that, even if it’s make me take an Instagram break of two or three months. I could see with the evolving situation. The importance for me is to concentrate me on Disneyland Paris only, even if it’s currently closed. But when I scrolled on my feed I saw all time peoples at Walt Disney World and that it’s opens there and it’s deconcentrate me of my priority who is Disneyland Paris. Because I have never been at Walt Disney World and even if I dream to do all Disney Parks in the world, Disneyland Hong Kong is before on my dreaming list and in the way Walt Disney World is the last one on the list. I don’t have an importance to follow Walt Disney World. But! The hard fact that I have mentally between Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World, it’s that they reopened together mid-July 2020 after the first closure and that Walt Disney World has never reclosed despite the situation who was not under control but just because the Florida gouvernment refuses to place restrictions and the French gouvernments place a lot of restrictions and Disneyland Paris has reclosed and could stays closed longer this second times. The fact that these two Disney Parks has reopened a first time together mid-July is a part of why it’s hard. Right! I need today to concentrate only on Disneyland Paris.

The blog here is the only online thing that I’m on it during this break because I don’t consider it as social media and I wanted to keep it because it’s more my way to document things. I wrap this post! Thanks for stopping by!



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