Life Lately • January 2020

It’s has been a long time that I haven’t shared a bit of my life lately. Here’s what’s up in January!

On the blog, I started the year by sharing my goals of the year! On another side, on January 6th, I was able to go at my first psychiatrist in months because of the strike in train in France. I had finally a train to go! My life lately is drinking a lot of hot cocoa. I spent again a lot of time to watching Christmas movies, every night, sometimes by day also. If you read my blog post about my goals of the year, I have a Disney movie challenge to start but at this time I want to watch again Christmas movies so I watch them again. I have the time to start my Disney movie challenge like Disney + is not available before the end of March in France.

I got a Nintendo Switch at Christmas and I love playing with. My favorite games are Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Break Breaker, Crash Bandicoot. But I have some posts about this who are coming because it has special effects on my mental health. I have a few new Disney books, to discover more the Disney stories environment that I don’t know really and I love to look on it.

I already shared over here, I got my 2019 yearly photo book this month and I love it. I share a little peek inside here and I have done a post where I explain how I create my yearly photo books.

In January, I was on a week ski trip in La Clusaz, I shared the recap here. I loved already before but since this trip, I developed a special love for Nutella crepes lately. I surprised me to do some for afternoons snack! These past days, I spent a lot of time to edit the video of my ski trip in La Clusaz. She’s almost finished.

It’s one and a half months that I haven’t been to Disneyland Paris because I have chosen to dedicate more my time this month at the ski season. BUT every day, I have Disneyland Paris and Mickey in my heart. At home, I’m trying to do a lot of things Mickey shaped (look the first photo of this post). I have a trip of planned next month to Disneyland Paris but I don’t know again if I could go because of the strike in the trains is always here and if a lot of lines are back normally. My TGV line that I take to go to Disneyland Paris is the only one again deleted daily. I could know if I can go in the next days. I hope because I miss Disneyland every day a little more and I need it because my mental health is really bad, I’m not able to take my mind back since that my grandmas are passed away last summer, and when I realize that it’s more than six months now, I feel again worse. I’m always overwhelmed by my bad mental health every single day. I continued to take Sertraline 50 mg by day but last week, I decided to start to go down and I’m back at 25 mg because since that I take Sertraline, it’s maybe calmed some of my anxiety but my flashbacks were again more powerful. AND it was too much! The decision was hard because it’s helped me a little of some of my anxiety but I decided to go down. But it’s hard because since I’m going down effectively my anxiety has increased again more. BUT on another side again, just yesterday, I have maybe understood why I have some of my anxiety and why I feel always overwhelmed by my two grandmas passed away. After writing this post, I must write an email at my psychiatrist to talk her about it.

Since that I’m back from my ski trip in La Clusaz, I was able to go skiing once by week. Last week, I was Thursday and it was hard because in the ski resort near my home, it missed a lot of snow. Only two slopes were open and it was packed and icy snow. I have a hard time skiing on an icy snow because it’s harder to manage the ski. I have like even worked and it’s a good experience to skiing on a snow like this to progress. I just finished with knee pains during one week and more because I have too much forced on this day.

Yesterday, I was back on the mountains and the snow was better, it was snowing the night before. The snow was a bit fresh powder with five slopes of open. It was nicer. AND it was an of my favorite kind of day because it was snowing again in the afternoon. It was a big day in my ski progress yesterday! I worked a lot since my ski trip in La Clusaz and I have finally was able to manage to do it. Before it was doing parallel turns but it was not able to change edges both my ski during doing my parallel turns. I have now the skill! After this I felt with more confidence, I went took the intermediate blue slope who was hard at the end of the last ski season and I was able to do it good and without stopping me after each turn. My ski position is more comfortable and I feel better on the ski. I went even explored some powder times between the trees and in some terrains of the ski resort that I have never been. I have even taken my very first part of a RED SLOPE. I loved! Right!

That wraps a bit of my life lately! Thanks for reading!




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