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There have been definitely a ton of different things and moods! First, I will start with the more exciting. If you read my blog since a while you know that this year I have moved for the first time of my life and if explore my new neighborhood was in my goals since a few months, I haven’t been able to do it because of my flashbacks who touched me hard some days and I did not want to go out of my house and because of my social anxiety. After more than three and a half months, I finally managed to do it! Last week on an afternoon, it was sunny and I was decided to ride my bike for the first in my new neighborhood. I cycled during 40 minutes and took a few different roads to see until where they go. I have discovered the prettiest ride/walk. Around of my old house what I loved it was that there was a forest where I could ride my bike, I loved particularly in summer because during the heat, ride under the trees from the forest it was refresh. But here, it’s again better, I found a ride with shady trees and next to there is even a river. It’s too cool! I love it! Yesterday, I took a second ride again, and I can’t wait to go discovering new rides.

On another less successful note! I was disappointed by my psychiatrist appointment again on Monday. I’m exhausted about this. Have you ever been disappointed by your psychiatrist? I emailed my psychiatrist that I wanted to space more the appointments, about every ten days instead of every week and she gives me only four appointments in the next three months. I’m disappointed and exhausted by this behavior.

On Sunday it was mother’s day, we took my mom to the restaurant but it was to make pleasure to my mom because I don’t like the restaurant. With a special mother’s day menu we stayed two hours in the restaurant, I hate this! A thing that I don’t like in the restaurant is when you do not finish your plate, the waiters ask you always if I was not good. Ok! I have the right do not eat a lot and don’t finish my plate. Each time the same story. I don’t like restaurants!

New house, new environment. My cat looks like she feels really good in his new environment and backyard. She climbs at trees (a thing that we do not see her do before because we did not have trees in the backyard), jumps, climbs, jumps, napping outside overs the sun as she loves. The other afternoon I had a want to photographing her outside in his new environment. Since I started my goal to use more my DSLR, I want to use it every day. Right! I thinking it was a good way to take photos of my cat outside. I loved this time where I followed my cat outside. It was a sweet time!

I love the USA, I love to do something special when it’s a holiday there. On Saturday for memorial day weekend, I baked some red, blue, white cupcakes. I loved this time! But my best is to see my progress about the frosting practice! A few months ago, I was the worst about frosting, practice after practice it looks so better and I’m proud of me. I’m so happy, I love cupcakes frosting!

Well! Lately including also a lot of smoothie bowls, loving folding clothes, drawing to express my emotions and trying to fight my flashbacks day after day. I think that wraps it! Thanks for reading!




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