Legends Of The Force Disneyland Paris Video

I talked in my diary post of my Disneyland Paris trip last week that I wanted to come back home with two videos to editing. Unfortunately despite of the bad weather conditions because of the storm Ciara. I was not able to shoot videos because most of the shows has been canceled.

I wanted to come home with one video on the new Frozen Celebration and one on the Legends Of The Force season. I could not to edit this time the Frozen video because I haven’t shooted all what I wanted to add in the video. But! I have managed to shoot enough during the Star Wars shows. Right! I was back home with one video to edit. This 2020 Legends Of The Force season who finish mid-March will be the last one season. There are a lot of new and big things planned in the Walt Disney Studios Park so this Legends Of The Force season could be the last. I’m not mad about because I don’t like so much the Star Wars universe, I’m more excited for the Marvel season, but I loved editing this short film on this Legends Of The Force season.

Let’s a watch below!

Have you watched the Star Wars movies? Thanks for watching!



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