Le Chateau De La Belle Au Bois Dormant

Right! I know that I haven’t finished to share the last Vol. from my Disneyland Paris 2020 photo books but today I wanted to share a special little photo book project that I realized at the end of December.

During the virtual Christmas Insidears show from Disneyland Paris last year, they have done announcements about 2021 projects in the Disneyland Paris parks. Many of the projects, I knew them already because it was some 2020 projects but with the lockdowns and closures, it was delayed.

A BIG and special project who was not known has been revealed, Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant (The Sleeping Beauty Castle) could have a big refurbishment. The biggest refurbishment happened since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992. The Castle could be wrapped by tarps with the design of the Castle on it during this time. This refurbishment is happening for that the Castle is all beautiful for the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris on April 12, 2022. The refurbishment is starting in January, during always the parks closed, and have no real an end date, but it’s could probably during all year, in sight that it’s a big refurbishment for the Anniversary in 2022.

Right! No lie! When I learned this new, I was so sad. Particularly in the current circumstances. The park is closed for the second time since the end of October 2020 and the reopening date was on February 13, 2021 but today, Disneyland Paris has announced that it could not opens before April 02, 2021. It’s such a hard new but it was on the way because we have everything of closed in France again since end October. I was sad that I haven’t had the time to look on the Castle and tell him an appropriate good bye before this refurbishment. Already, at the announcement of Disneyland Paris closure for the rest of the year, it was hard because during my last trip in October, I haven’t been able to say an appropriate good bye at the park because no closure was planned two weeks before the closure when I was there.

Well! About the Castle, this is a hard moment also. During my trips in the first reopening of the park between July and October 2020, I spend a lot of time to watch the Castle because there was no parades/shows to watch because of the safety measures. But during my last trip, I had no ideas that it’s could be my last trip of 2020 and the last time that I saw the Castle in reel for more than one year. Right! This is a hard and emotional thing!

A few days later, after all the emotions, I wanted to do something of special in the honor of this refurbishment du Chateau de La Belle au Bois Dormant. I haven’t enough of videos to do a video, even if I had the idea. Right! I turned on the way to create a special photo book project. I love more and more creating photo books and I have a lot of photos of the Castle to make one.

This is the first time that I create a special photo book like that, before my photo books are about my yearly (the 2020 that I’m currently creating but took delay because I created this special project in the same time) and since 2019, I’m doing travel photo books also. This was so exciting create a special project photo book and I have in the mind to do it again, if I want to do it for other things.

I was happy because when I got the idea of this special photo book project, I knew already a bit what kind of photo book I wanted. This was a special project for a very special icon of Disneyland Paris so I wanted something of different of my other photo books. Usually, I print my photo book in portrait or square sizes but this one I wanted to do it in landscape, I knew also that I wanted to print it in a smaller size that my travel square photo books. Little but so special! And the perfect touch that I wanted for make this photo book special is the cover in linen material. Usually, my photo books are in normal hard cover but I recently loved the linen material even if it was not a current idea to do yearly or travel photo book with this. Right! I jumped on the linen material to make the special touch.

In France, I had a hard time to found a website who create photo books in linen and in the size that I wanted in the same time. After a lot of research on Internet, I found the MilkBooks website and I loved their photo books when I scrolled, I launched me. This is the first time that I use their website. I’m so anxious when I want to try a new photo books printer because I’m afraid that I don’t like the quality. And photo books it’s expensive. It’s important for me that I love the quality. But in another way, when I printed the last photo books on the printers that I usually use, I started to be a bit disappointed. Right! I told me that it was the moment to launch to try maybe a new printer! And I very excited that it was for the Castle special project photo book that I launched me to try a new printer. Alert! I love so much the photo book and quality!

I printed this photo book in the classic photo book in small landscape and in the blue linen cover.

In the photo book, one photo by page or a few times two. Some photos of the Castle that I took from December 2018 to October 2020. On the back of each photo, I written the date and hours that I took it. From photos of day to night, from Summer to with Christmas decor, from the front to the back, and more I placed about 50 photos in the photo book about the Castle. It was such a cool project to realized and to see now. I ordered the photo book before the end of the year and it arrived mid-January. It took longer to receive that from my usual printers from France, because this printer is shipped from Hong Kong, and the delivery was twice delayed because of new recent Covid rules in France. But this special project totally worth the wait. Let’s sharing a few photos below. And because of this very special project and blog post of the Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland Paris. Let’s sharing seven facts about the Castle.

1. The Castle is high of 50m.

2. There is a dragon under it.

3. The Castle is painted with a warm pink at the bottom and light pink at the top.

4. The Castle is oriented to the south to do not never have the sun behind it.

5. There is snails on the steeples of the Castle.

6. Upstairs in the Castle there is a snoring sleeping guard.

7. The Castle is pink to go out of the grey sky from Paris climate weather.

That wraps a special post in my heart! I’m sad that I could not see the Castle when I could go back in the park when it’s could reopens but I’m so excited to see the tarps around the Castle, because it looks like they have done a lot work to represent the Castle on them, to keeping seeing a Castle view in the park despite the Castle couldn’t be see during the refurbishment, and it look like there is a lot of details on it. I’m sad and excited to see that! I think, I want to take photos the Castle of everywhere angles with the tarps decor.

I have equally one promo code if you make your first order on MilkBooks, write the code SHARE25 to get 25% on your first order. Thanks for stopping by!

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