Hand Lettering

Well! I recently talked about art therapy. Today, I will talk about a new activity that I recently started also, it’s hand lettering. It was a few months that I wanted to start and that I found a love when I looked on hand lettering. I haven’t done it before because like art therapy and drawing, I found myself bad in doing the letters and I thought that I could never manage to do hand lettering. On Amazon, I found a too beautiful book to learn hand lettering, I flashed on it so I decided to buy me. This book is so beautiful, design and with all the helpful tool for starting hand lettering. I launched me and since I love it! Thanks to the book author who example that it’s not in two weeks that we can learn but years of practice is necessary to practice well. It’s helped to know that like to draw, it’s not only in a few weeks that you learn the skills when you have never done it before but practice after practice that it’s can become better. It’s helped and encourage me to continue and it’s not because the first day I do not manage that I could not be good in hand lettering.

The Hand Lettering 101 book is perfect, you have all the details to starting and in the book, you have a lot of practice pages. Really perfect when you are a beginner! I practice on the book with lines and sometimes I launch me on a separate white paper. Like I talked in my art therapy post, I practice hand lettering every two days or sometimes every day, it’s depending. I bought myself the Hand Lettering 101 book and two Tombow pens with soft and hard tips to start and it’s a perfect combo to beginner.

Same that art therapy, practice hand lettering permits me to have less of flashbacks during I’m practicing. And on another note, it’s helping me psychologically to keep going if I love to do it and even if I haven’t a perfect skill in one week. I want to develop my creativity and I think hand lettering is a really good tool for it. I decided to take with me this book during my three weeks away from home.

Next month and after to have practiced and practiced again on paper, I’m thinking to buy me an apple pencil to do hand lettering on my iPad also. Do you practice hand lettering? What is your favorite materials to practice hand lettering? Does have a therapeutic effect on you?




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