Gift Guide For Peoples With PTSD

To offer something at Christmas can be hard sometimes but to offer something at a people with some mental illness can doubling the difficulty! Last year, I have done a gift guide for peoples with anxiety & depression. Today, I will do a gift guide for someone with PTSD. All things in this guide are some things that I use and who are some helpful tools in dealing with my C-PTSD. Right! It’s for this reason that I have placed them in this gift guide!


ONE // THE COZIEST BLANKET! To gift a cozy blanket for that in some moments of anxiety the person can find comfort. The Saranoni blankets, I talked about here. They are the coziest and softness blankets ever! Love them

TWO // Some smells can give more flashbacks or anxiety. I will not talk about if or not, oils essential are helpful but it’s can change the smell of a room and diffusing smells that you love can reduce flashbacks.

THREE // Pushing someone with PTSD to live new experiences, traveling. To create new memories and changing of environment. Helps her with a gift card.

FOUR // A coloring book is perfect to relax the tension in the mind that PTSD can give.

FIVE // PTSD gives depression symptoms and when you are on the side of depression going outside can be hard but walking with the softness shoes, it’s can helping. I love my UGG!


If you have PTSD! What gift could be the best to helps you in your recovery?





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