Friday Favorites

Hello! Let’s sharing a few favorites lately! Today, I’m writing this post like a therapy session. Because the past days and current days are really hard on my mental health. Again harder than the hard days of the previous weeks/months. I’m so exhausted mentally! Right! Let’s doing a post with some favorites that I got recently!

PUZZLES GALISON. I discovered the Puzzles Galison recently. This is not a known brand in France but I found some on Amazon and I loved the images different than the usual puzzles. Right! I decided to order one! Two weeks later I finally bought three puzzles in total. Welcome lockdown! But! I really loved these puzzles. I bought the Summer At The Amusement Park in 500 pieces, The New York Public Library and Cityscape in Panoramic in 1000 pieces. I really love approximately all about these puzzles, the images and the feeling when I touch the pieces, different from the usual puzzles that I bought.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Lately, I got a bit of a Chocolate Mousse obsession. Meals are really hard parts in my days currently and it’s a bright spot to have a Chocolate Mousse obsession in these times. I prefer doing myself also. Well!

DISNEYLAND PARIS RECENT NEWS. No! We always don’t have of official reopening date for Disneyland Paris. But these last days the president of Disneyland Paris and the ambassador shared some news and videos about what happen currently in the resort during the closure. All the refurbishments, and we got even one video about the big and special current refurbishment for Le Chateau de La Belle au Bois Dormant, and to have all these news and updates it’s just so good. Even if the resort is always closed and we have no date of reopening, to know that things and refurbishments are working during the closure is just so good. Because during the first lockdown between March and May 2020, they were not able to work because of the strict lockdown of the French gouvernment. It’s the bright part in all that! The less bright part is that next week, it’s Disneyland Paris birthday and it’s the second year in the row where the park could be closed for his birthday. It’s heartbreaking that!

PHOTOGRAPH FLOWERS. I talked a bit recently. I think I’m start to fall in love with flowers. Right! In first time, I was planning to do a trip to Paris for photograph the Cherry Blossoms. But! It’s got cancelled! Because we are in lockdown. Right! I have a few Cherry Blossoms in my backyard. Right! I try to take that already! But. I really love to take photos of flowers.

SUN TIMES. I talked about this recently also! I’m a Winter lover but right now I just want to have warmer and sun weather. It’s probably because of my current mental health because usually I’m not loving when Spring and Summer is coming. Last week, we got an exceptional hot weather for the season here where I live, with 26 degrees Celsius. But! This week, we got again Winter weather with 0 degrees Celsius. And snow! Yes! It’s has snowed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing big! But, it’s has like even snowed! It’s crazy! But, I don’t know what is the craziest. That it’s snowing in April, because I think I have never saw snow here in April, or the weather temperatures change in only few days. Right! But when I saw a ray of sunshine and that it’s not too cold, I literally try to go in the backyard to catch it. Right! That wraps this post! Thanks for stopping by!



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