France Under Lockdown & Disneyland Paris Closed

Last night at 08h00 pm the French president has done a speech who place the France under a second lockdown after the first time under a strict lockdown between March and May. The second wave of the Coronavirus currently hits hard the France and all the European Countries. And here we are in a second lockdown who starts today at mid-night. Until at this moment, December 1. But it’s could be longer depending of the evolving situation.

That’s means one thing for me. Disneyland Paris has to re-close a second time. It’s heartbreaking!!! Disneyland Paris could re-close from tonight until February 12, 2021. I have my November and December trips who got canceled with this new lockdown. I needed it for my mental health because my depression currently hits me hard. But in reel, it’s not that my trips got canceled who makes me the more sad. It’s for the direction of Disneyland Paris and the president Natasha Rafalski who has to close a second time, after to have already closed four months this year his parks, it’s again four others months until next year. It’s heartbreaking for her and the direction of Disneyland Paris who must take this decision again. The direction of Disneyland Paris has already took many tough decisions since the re-opening by stopping some services and much more because of financial issues because of the miss of frequentation since the re-opening because Disneyland Paris works a lot with the strangers (Uk, Germany, Spain,…) and there is had not a lot since the re-opening because of the quarantine that countries ask. Right! When I recently register my days in the parks reservation for my trips in November and December, for the first time since the re-opening, I saw a lot of days complete to register. This is the first since the re-opening that I’m sawing so much days complete for the Christmas season. The frequentation was better! Now, Disneyland Paris has to close because of a second lockdown. The Christmas season would have started on November 7, I had to be in the park on November 6. But now, the park could have to close four others months. Eventually opens during the Christmas holiday in France from December 19, to January 3, if the situation and gouvernment permits it. But I have had nothing of planned during this time.

The hardest thing for me right now! If you read me since awhile and since the first lockdown and Disneyland Paris first re-opening on July 15. You know that the hardest part for me was that there is no parades and shows back again because of the social distance rule. Right! I took weeks, months to finally accept the park in this currently new way at the moment, I accepted that the parade could be probably not back this year. I took a long time to accept it. During my trip in October for the Halloween season, I totally accepted it because Disneyland Paris has done many amazing things despite the no parades and shows, it was really cool to see how they have worked hard to propose what they have proposed and I was so excited to discover the Christmas season and how they have worked on it.

Now, mentally it’s hard because I worked so hard mentally to accept the fact that there is no parades again and experimented the seasons in a new way. I worked during weeks, months on this and the positive side that this new experiences in the parks at the moment could gives me. It’s the hardest part that I can’t discover the Christmas season in this special way they have planned for this year, now that I accept to live the things a little differently in the park. It’s the hardest part! I feel like it’s useless to be positive and trying to work to be more positive in life. I finally managed to be positive on the different experiences in the park this year (even if I always miss so much the parades and shows) but finally when I managed to be positive all is down.

Right! How am I supposed to feel, in the mean time that I was these last days in depression?

All my heart is for the direction of Disneyland Paris and the cast members who are back in Chomage Partiel. It’s so heartbreaking to see the park re-close! I have already done three trips since the reopening, plus the day of soft-opening before the first re-opening on July, in totally, 15 days. Every single day, I felt safe related to the Coronavirus, the safety measures are exceptionally amazing. The biggest congratulations to Disneyland Paris because I feel safe anywhere else because of the Coronavirus, even not taking a simple bike ride in the forest.

Mask, hand sanitizers, big social distances stickers, plexiglass, I felt safe and I’m back of any of these trips with the Coronavirus. Well done Disneyland Paris! I want to thanks all the cast members who have worked so hard to makes Disneyland Paris the most magical experiences despite the safety measures, they have adapted the meet and greet Characters, and more entertainment with the safety measures. It’s absolutely amazing! And more particularly recently the Halloween season. I want to thanks all the cast members in the parks who make respected the maximum the mask and social distances rules who is not an easy work everyday. I want to give a big thanks also to the cast members playing the Characters, since the first day of the re-opening they have an enormous energy in their acts and guests interactions at distances, even during my trips in August where it was 40 degrees Celsius under a heat wave. Thank you! You are terribly amazing and given so much magic despite the current safety circumstances these past three months.

On my side, I can’t tell that I miss of trips at Disneyland Paris this year, February, March, July, August, September, October. I have been 22 days at this moment, despite four months closure first and the current situation, I do not want to be spoiled or self fish. But in reality, if I go so often (and you know it if you follow me since a while), it’s because it’s my therapy place, particularly for my C-PTSD and social anxiety and who hits me again harder since the first lockdown, now I don’t know where I go with this. I have so many and emotional good memories since the re-opening. I will try to reflect on that! I’m currently in a big depression and without trips at Disneyland Paris I don’t know how I will manage and this new closure because after a lot of work I managed to accept some things but I haven’t always mentally recovered from the first time closure and the first strict lockdown in France. Now with this second lockdown and parks closure, I don’t know where I go mentally.

During this second lockdown, school and middle school could be open but not universities, the constructions could continue, hoping that even if the parks are closed the constructions can continue because there is some immense constructions in Disneyland Paris parks who have already stopped during four months this year. Now, non-essentials things, like park, cinema, restaurants and much more could be closed. Only peoples accepted outside, it’s the peoples who are going to work and can’t work from home and children going to school.
Well! I hope that when the pandemic could be over, I could look at this post and seeing like not on a hard and totally mentally devastating times.

Pray for me please that these four weeks of lockdown in France help to calm the second wave of the Coronavirus and that it’s not too devastating for my depression state already. And that it’s not extended after December 1. How is the Coronavirus situation where you live? Let me know how the situation is at your place, I don’t watch a lot the news because of my depression but I’m curious a bit to know how it is outside from France and Europe. Have you already was in lockdown even during the first wave of the Coronavirus? Not quarantine but a reel lockdown! Have you currently a second wave who starts to get worse? In France, we have 50000 daily tested positive at Covid but the France is the country of the Europe who test the more and the French president is proud of this. But the problem is the number of deaths who increase daily. And they keep tolding that this second wave could be worse than the first one. Right! I will hibernate in my depression the next weeks/months. Today was supposed to be my life lately post of the month but instead it’s that! Thanks for reading!



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