Disneyland Playlist

An of my favorite thing about to be in Disneyland is the ambiance, the soundtracks! I recently tried to play this music at home also for to be in a Disneyland mind even when I’m not on a Disneyland trip and trying if it’s could help me during the bad days. Like Disneyland Paris is my happy place! Right! After a few searches on the internet, I saw that these soundtracks are called loops. And fastly I have found the ones who transport me until a Disneyland spirit. Listening Disneyland loops help me a little to reduce my flashbacks. I love to play these loops in the background, it helps me to concentrate me also. I can’t tell really if it helps me during some anxiety attacks, I don’t think but it helps me when I’m depressed. These following are my favorites!

The most part of these loops are on Main Street USA. My favorite part of the park with Fantasyland! I can stay on Main Street hours to take photos.




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