Disneyland Paris Video

What! It’s already two weeks ago today that I was on my day trip at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks. I think at this day every single day. It was an amazing extra day! Outside of my routine with all my anxiety and obsessional thoughts! Currently, I’m planning my solo trip in Paris next month but I’m in the mood and I started to think for another day trip at Disneyland Paris around Summer. One thing at one time! Well! Between my overthinking with my obsessional thoughts, I’m happy to have the memories to think at this day. I took so many photos that I did not finish to edit them all!

However, I wrapped the editing of my video. I always take fun to do videos of my trip, photos are good but videos again better with the music and ambiance (particularly on a Disneyland day). I’m just a little disappointed because I had no time to take a lot of different takes because I was concentrated on my goals to shooting a lot of details in photography. I always switch during a parade or show between photos & videos, it’s really complicated sometimes. I could have the need to do twice the same show where once time, I take only photos and on the other only videos. But on one day it’s not possible! I have the problem that with my low condition physical I can’t stay with my big DSLR in my arms up to shooting videos during more than 30 seconds also. Right! It’s in this way that when I shared the post with my photos, I shared also my thought to do a trip at Disneyland Paris and stay a few nights in a Disneyland hotel to have the time. To take so much more videos and photos in the same time! I love to take photos and videos!

I’m happy to have a video to remember this day!




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