Disneyland Paris Tips In All Seasons & Weather

I have definitely now traveled to Disneyland Paris by all seasons from Winter to Summer. AND from rainy days to heat wave days! You can definitively not manage your park days of the same ways in Winter than Summer. I will share the tips that I come back home with me from my trips in every season.

I will not tell what season is better to travel to Disneyland Paris, it’s depending of what you want to do and what season you love more you, not other peoples. It’s depending of your preferences to chose your best season to travel in Disneyland Paris. But I will give you tips to travel by season and how manage the weather to be more comfortable in the park.


From my experiences the weather is unpredictable, sometimes it’s planned to be sunny and it’s rainy, sometimes it’s planned to be rainy and it’s sunny. Summer like Winter that! But in a usually fact, the weather to Disneyland Paris is cold from the end of Fall (around beginning November) to the beginning of Spring (around mid-March) with temperatures around -10°C to 5°C and some differences between the morning and afternoon. The temperatures from Spring (around beginning of April) to late Summer (around end of September) are from 15°C to 30°C and until more than 40°C on some summer heat weave days who are more and more present in France these last years.

Right! The weather can be totally different in the same season. The BEST is to check the weather who is planned when you go, around one week before and pack in consequent. Don’t check before one week because like I told before, the weather can totally be changing of what planned.


+Wear multiple layers.

+Put shoes who keep you hot.

+Take one scarf and pair of gloves in more.

+On very cold days, wear two pair of socks.

+Get all the extremities covered.

+Do indoor attractions in the morning and outdoor (or the temperature is a bit higher) in the afternoon.

+Go drink a big and warm hot cocoa in the afternoon in Cafe Fantasia, to get warm up before go outside to watch Disney Stars On Parade.

+If you do not want to be in front of the Castle, go waiting Disney Illuminations only 30 minutes before.


If you have forgotten something at home, of course you could find some clothes or accessorizes who keep you warm in the Emporium, Main Street Motors and Disney Clothiers shops on Main Street USA or in Les Legendes d’Hollywood shop in the Walt Disney Studios.


+Comfortable light clothes.

+Bring a jacket during waiting for Disney Illuminations.

+On hot days, misting are working in each land.

+Take the time to rest and hydrate you.

+Stop by Fantasia Gelati or The Gibson Ice Cream Parlor to get an ice cream.

+Don’t go in the fountains by respect in the park.

+Take a walk in Adventureland with a lot of trees, shadows and water.



+Bring a waterproof light jacket, in case of rain planned.




+A Waterproof coat.

+Waterproof shoes.


+Second pair of gloves on cold days.

+Stroller cover if you have children.



On rainy days, some attractions can closing during the rain, these are principally the outdoor attractions including:

+Le Pays des Contes de Fées.


+Casey Jr.



+Flying Carpets Over Agrabah.

+Slinky Dog.

+Toy Soldiers



The parades and shows can be performing under the rain like also be canceled. It’s depending some days! Depending of the quantity of rain and if it’s only a shower rain or some hail storms. For the security, they can principally canceled when there is strong winds or do not keep characters at the top of the floats in the parade. But on a daily basic, Disneyland Paris does an awesome job to keep the parades and shows even under the rain. Disney Stars On Parade is often performing under the rain. Disney Illuminations with the firework at night can be also maintain under the rain. Some days, when the wind is here the firework can not happening but the mapping on the Castle and water jets show can be maintain. It’s really depending and they try to wait until the last minutes if they can try to performing or not for the security. But with the wide numbers of rainy days in France, the outdoor shows happen often under the rain, they cancel it when the weather is totally bad or there is some storms.




+Tees & shorts.

+Comfortable light shoes.

+Water spray.

+Water bottles frozen in the night.





To my knowledge, the attractions work during heat wave days. BUT I totally recommend to avoid the outdoor attractions during the middle of afternoon. It’s the time where the waiting lines are the longer of the day, sometimes under the sun. Avoid even the attractions with water like Le Pays des Contes de Fées or every 30 seconds a boat is stopped because the parents doesn’t supervise correctly their children and you stopped in full sun during many minutes.

Select the outdoor attractions to do early during the Extra Magic Hours and indoor with air conditioned like It’s A Small World or Phantom Manor in the afternoon.

If you’re good organized and you’re a stay of a few days, on the heat waves days, go to do attractions in the mornings (you can be able to do many in the Extra Magic Hours if you’re good organized) and skip the park on the afternoon and go at the hotel’s pool.



Last summer, shows was maintain under heat wave days, Disney Stars On Parade can be shortened with some difference but happens. Except here again when the temperatures is very too hot, they can cancel it. Under 42°C the shows were happening but not under 47°C temperature of feelings. At this time, they launched even water everywhere in the parks.


The weather can be crazy and totally rhythm your days in the parks. Hope these tips will be you helpful during a next trip at Disneyland Paris!



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