Disneyland Paris: The Lion King & Jungle Festival

Welcome in a colorful world! Last Tuesday, I have done a therapy visit at Disneyland Paris. I have chosen recently to invest in Disneyland trips every one and a half month. Disneyland is a therapy! All the magic give me positive vibes! Last time, it was in the beginning of June, and I’m so excited because next time, it’s in September and not only a day trip but a trip with nights. It’s could be my second solo trip with nights of the year and I launched me a lot of new challenges during this solo trip. Right! But let’s talk about my day trip last week now! It was a special day on different reasons, one: France was in an extreme heatwave, the temperature rised until 40 degrees celsius and much more in feeling, at 07h00pm, the temperature feelings increased again. Second: when I booked the TGV tickets, I decided to extend my day compared to usually, in my all previous Disneyland day trips, I took my TGV back at 05h00pm for to be back home around 09h00pm. Of the fact we were in summer with extended days, I decided to take the TGV back late so I had my TGV at 08h00pm and I was at home at 11h30pm. I was a cray long and exhausting day in more with the heatwave but I’m so grateful that any of my TGV had troubles or delay with the extreme heatwave, so many trains were delayed and canceled, the day before I had a message of the transportation company that with the heatwave they advisable me to change the day of my trip, but I did not want. Despite had a few troubles because of the heatwave I’m happy do not have changed the day of my trip. I learned a few things and also my physical limits until the malaise and it’s so useful to plan my big Disneyland trip in September.

During all the summer, Disneyland Paris has created a new season, The Lion King & Jungle Festival. I have never watched The Lion King movie and I did not know the story, so before my trip I decided to go see in theatre the new The Lion King movie, I have done this time with my sister. It was a nice time but I did not loved the movie and the story, It was so hard to see a dead story just a few days after my grandma passing away. Right! Even if I haven’t loved the movie, I was excited to see the new season The Lion King & Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris. It’s incredibly amazing! I love this season! All were amazing! The music, costumes, all was pretty beautiful and amazing! The music gives you a good feeling! I usually do not love colorful things but here it was incredibly amazing, I so much loved! During the day, I managed to see the two new shows about this new season, The Jungle Book Jive on central Plaza and the special The Lion King show played in a new theater at Frontierland with music at 360°. With this season Disneyland Paris has done a lot of new food dedicated to the season but unfortunately I was not able to eat because the things don’t worked because of the heatwave. But! I drunk the cutest and best milkshake of my life! I have done a few new attractions that I have never done before like Phantom Manor, Aladdin Flying Carpets, Tea Cups, Casey Jr and I explored more Adventureland and Frontierland. I took advantage of the heatwave and I have done an of my dream, sit on Main Street USA to listening to the loops and watching the view. It was amazing! Heatwave or not, next time I need to plan this again. The biggest trouble, of the fact that I took a later train I was able to see for the first time the parade at 05h30pm (I had my TGV back always before the parade), I went to sit 45 minutes in advance on the spot that I wanted to take photos except it was in the sun at 40 degrees celsius, when the parade was finally here and I wake up of the ground, I felt really really not good so I abandoned to watch it and take photos and I went to sit in an air conditioned at Discovery Arcade. It was a blow but I’m not disappointed. I haven’t seen it but since Discovery Arcade I was able already to hear the soundtrack that I listen since months on youtube. It’s the beginning! I hope next time I could phtograph and watch it! I was so bad for the rest of the day after, I went sit to drink another milkshake and I leave the park around 07h00pm while I have planned to leave it at 07h40pm. I was so bad and the temperature increased again so I decided to go back at the gare station to be the less far of my train back home. In the morning, I took my regularly TGV at 05h50am. I woke up at 4h00am and go to sleep the next day at 01h00am. It was a crazy, long but a good day! Sharing photos now!


A last note. Since I started these day trips at Disneyland Paris in December last year, all the peoples at who I talk about these days or when my mom talks to what I have done, all the peoples tell me that I’m strong and courageous to do some days like this. Because I’m cross half of the country in the two sides on the same day. I live in the east of France and Disneyland Paris is at 30 km from Paris, I live about 500km away from Disneyland Paris. Despite that the TGV is a high-speed train, I took 3 hours to go in the morning and 3h30 to go back home in the night. I did not find crazy me because I love to go to Disneyland, it’s a therapy place. During in the train back home last Tuesday, I looked on the GPS where was exactly my TGV and I just see all the line (blue line) and I had a flash like it’s real I cross the half of the country in the go and back in the same day. It’s crazy! How have I done this while before I was not able to go outside of the house in solo? Right! Crazy or not, I love to do it and I want to do it.

I won’t lie these day trips are exhausting and I’m happy and excited that my next time at Disneyland Paris is a stay with nights to enjoy multiple and rather slow days also. I’m sick today but I want to send you magical vibes! Thanks to reading!


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