Disneyland Paris Photo Book 2020 Vol. 2

In November, with the lockdown and the announcement that Disneyland Paris couldn’t opens during the Christmas holiday window and learned that my trip in October was my last of the year, I created and wrapped my two last photo books of Disneyland Paris in 2020. Last week, I got them in the mailbox. In fact, I got three photo books, my photo book of my summer family beach vacation in July that I haven’t again created and the Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 of my photo books at Disneyland Paris this year. This is always so excited to receive and open for the first time ever the photo books, this is so exciting. I love this moment!

I previously shared the Vol. 1 of my Disneyland Paris photo book that I created during the first lockdown this year. Inside it’s include my trip in February and March. Now, I created a Vol. 2 that I will share a little peek inside this second photo book, inside it is my day trip for the annual pass soft reopening on July 13, and my trip in August. And soon, I could share the last and Vol. 3, inside it is my trip in September and in October, with an overview of 2020 at Disneyland Paris in the last pages to recap and wrap this year in the photo books.

For this Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, I of course continued to create the photo books in the same way that the Vol. 1. I loved to create them in this way this year. I written down and detailed by hour my days and write a final thoughts page for each trip. More the final thoughts of the year in the Vol. 3. I loved print these memories in this way for my Disneyland Paris photo books. Right! Let’s sharing a look inside Disneyland Paris Vol. 2. Over 90 pages.

You can find more about my soft reopening annual pass in July on my blog here.

You can find more about my trip in September on my blog here.

Thanks for stopping by! Soon, final and Vol. 3.


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