Disneyland Paris Photo Book 2020 Vol.1

Welcome in another photo book post! Right! I will share a little peek inside the photo book of my trips in February and March 2020 at Disneyland Paris.

INTRO: last year, I waited the end of the year and I created a photo book for all my trips at Disneyland Paris in one. Loved this format! But, this year with the current parks closure and after noticing a few things during creating the photo book last year, I decided to try the things differently a bit.

I thought during a few weeks if I create a photo book for these two trips that I have already done or I wait until the end of the year like last year. But, during the lockdown, I had to find some projects to occupying my mind and like I love create photo books. Like I was not able to go at Disneyland Paris and I had no date (always currently today, no date) when I could come back, I launched me and I decided to create a photo book for my trips in February and March.

I love the photo book that I created on my last year trips at Disneyland Paris! You can find it here. But there is one thing who frustrated me! The websites creation photo books propose a number limited of pages to add at your photo book (around 100 pages), and when I created this of last year, I had to abandon to place some photos that I loved inside because there was no more room. I love also place often one big full photo by page and to place the photos in this photo book of last year, I rarely did it by missing space.

Right! These two previous reasons pouched me to launch me do not wait until the end of the year and to create a first photo book already for these two trips. Th reasons were good! With only two trips, this photo book contains 99 pages and I could put more pages with one full photo like I love.

I tried something a bit different than my photo book of last year also. Last year, I took the time to write down all the things that I have done, parades watched, attractions done,… over the year. Of course, with only two trips in the same Frozen Celebration, I haven’t done that. But, I took the time to describe differently my days, if in the photo book last year, I written overly what I have done each day, in this one, I took the time to describe the entire days by hours and what I have done. I noticed during these past weeks, to remember my trips during lockdown, it’s something that I missed in the last photo book. I love to remember the different things to the different moments of the days. Some final thoughts. At the end of each trip in the photo book, I took the time to write some final thoughts. A few words, the thoughts that I have of each trip, the good, the bad, the difficult and what makes me happy.

Create this photo book with the days fully detailed, some final thoughts and placing more photos, I loved trying this way and I can’t wait to be in the parks, to do more trips, to take more photos, for create more photo books like that because I’m happy when I do that!

Now, sharing a little peek inside!

More details about my trip in February 2020.

More details about my trip in March 2020.


That wraps this Disneyland Paris Photo Book 2020 Vol.1. Thanks for stopping by!





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