Disneyland Paris 2019: Part 3

The almost final recap of my solo trip to Disneyland Paris in September is finally here! I have again a video on the way and my post about my social anxiety. It was really an amazing and good trip to Disneyland! It’s an of my favorite trip ever that I have done!

Day 4 – Wednesday 11, September.

I dedicated the morning at the hotel’s pool at relaxing. I woke up around 07h30 am and I took slowly the way of the pool. Going at the pool in the hotel is something that I planned ahead my trip and it’s something who anxious me so much. I never have been during a solo trip in a hotel’s pool and it’s just something who anxious me so much. But! It’s something that I wanted to do also! Right, the challenge! When I took the way of the pool, I was really anxious, in more, it was necessary to walk by a few hallways. It was about 9h00 am, there were only two peoples in the pool. I spent about one hour, to swim and relax on the lounge chair. After one hour, I felt it was enough and I was cold, so I’m back in the hotel room where I took a bubbles bath during watching Friends. It was so relaxing! It was a few months that I haven’t take a bath because we have only showers currently in the new house. Right! I enjoyed that I had a bath tub in my hotel room to do it.

Around 12h00 pm, I took the shuttle until the park and passing in front of this every day helps to have a positive mind. “Here is the world of imagination, hopes and dreams. To those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”.

Ok! I haven’t eaten again of the day so when I was in Disneyland, I took a little walk between Main Street USA to Fantasyland to eat a sugar Mickey waffle. And I’m just stayed in a quiet corner before going to Victoria’s HomeStyle Restaurant (yes, the third time in four days) to nourish me of a Mickey Milkshake.

Since it was the 11th September, I had a big thought to New York City so I took a time in the afternoon to read all the things dedicated to the city of New York in Liberty Arcade.

After, it was time to wait for Jungle Book Jive shows. On this afternoon, I was supposed in my planning to go watch a second time The Lion King and Rhythms Of The Pride Lands show in Frontierland but I switched and I decided that I wanted to do my favorite thing and sitting on Main Street USA to watch Jungle Book Jive. After, I placed me for the parade one hour before and let’s time enjoy it!

Between 6h00 pm & 07h00 pm, I strolled on Main Street USA, I bought what I spotted on my first day in the shops and I ate a sugar crepe as dinner before going in front of the Castle at 07h00 pm and sitting for the night show. Enjoy the life around, listening to the loops and watching the sunset and Castle starting to sparkle is amazing. I love do it! I haven’t need more to be happy! I finished the day by taking photos of the Main Street USA lights and around 10h00 pm, I left the park and I went back to the hotel with beautiful pictures and memories of these past four days in my head.

Day 5 – Thursday 12, September.

I packed my luggage and check-out the hotel around 09h00 am. I took the shuttle until the gare and I took a hot cocoa and croissant as breakfast and I had my TGV to go in the south of France around 10h00 am. And I was in the south around 02h30 pm and my parents who were there since before I went to Disneyland picked up me to the gare station of Montpellier. I took advantage of these four hours in the TGV to organize my photos.

I could not have asked more during these fours amazing days after weeks of troubles, anxiety and rough times in all the part of my life. I was able to enjoy almost every second of these days!

I could talk in another post but since I’m in the south of France, my anxiety is back but two weeks after I have again good effect on my mental health from this trip to Disneyland. Really! There are so many little and big things and details who done Disneyland Paris like my therapy place. I’m looking on my next plans in the park!

What is your therapy place? Thanks for reading!


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