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On last Wednesday, I went on a big solo day trip at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks. I had an amazing time! I have done the same kind day trip back in December for my birthday and when I was back home on this night, I knew that I wanted to do it again. I planned one in March and I have planned to go at least twice again this year. One on a day trip and another I thought maybe to stay two-three nights in a Disneyland Hotel to see the night show and take more time. I love taking photography and this trip my goal was to photograph the details. I love the Walt Disney Studios park also (who is at 5 minutes walk away from Disneyland Paris) because they have beautiful shows. I saw Mickey’s Christmas Big Band in December and I loved so much, this time I went to see Mickey and the magician show and it was an amazing, I love it!

Let’s talk about a few things: I live 450km away from Disneyland Paris, by taking the TGV I took 3 hours to go. I took my train at 05h30am and I was in front of the park at 8h30 before the park opens. The gare station is at 5 minutes walk to the parks. It’s just perfect! Early to wake up but perfect time! The train back home I took it at 05h00pm and I was at home around 09h00pm because I took a train connection so it was a little longer. During together journeys, I took the time not to fall asleep but rest and it was not too long.

In the morning, I was at Disneyland Paris, after the parade around 12h00pm, I went at Walt Disney Studios before around 02h30pm I was back again at Disneyland and let the park around 04h30 for taking my train. Why a day is enough good for me? because I do not really do some attractions but I love strolling around the parks to take photos and watching shows so I don’t waste my time in waiting lines. I have done a few attractions where the waiting lines were short. Thanks, single riders!

My favorite parts about Disneyland Paris are Main Street USA and Fantasyland. On this trip, I took the time to eat. But Nutella alert! Because I ate a Nutella crepe for lunch and in the afternoon I even took the time and fight my social anxiety by stopping in a restaurant and eat a Nutella Mickey Waffle. What the best?! Apparently, it’s worth it to fight social anxiety. The weather was good but in the afternoon there have been many rainy showers, I did the souvenirs shops during these times. A little look on my trip at the parks in photos.

Grabbing a hot cocoa before take the train back home. Take some Disneyland day trip are some amazing extra times! I love them! They are long and I took a few days to recover them! I can’t wait to come back! I love the ambition in Disneyland Paris and I love to take photographs. Hope you enjoyed my photos!


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