Disneyland Paris Diary • September 2021

I’m back from my September trip to Disneyland Paris. This trip looked a bit different on many ways. First one, because since the beginning of September, I’m currently at the beach cabin and I leave for my trip from here and after my trip I headed back at the beach cabin again. It makes a different journey of my usually train journeys for my Disneyland Paris trips. It was not bad except that I had some trains journey disrupted and stations changed because lately in the South Of France, there was a lot of storms and floods and in result some trains journey disrupted. But everything was good even if stressing, because I was able to go on my trip correctly despite these troubles.

After my difficult trip in August about my current extreme fatigue because of my mental breakdown. I chosen to book a shorter trip. Usually, I stay at least three nights and fours days but the last time on the day three, I was already completely out. I chosen to stay only two nights and three days on this trip. BUT! For the first time ever, I chosen to stay all the trip in one Disney hotel. I chosen to go back in the Newport Bay Club, I loved it so much after my one night stay there in August and wanted to go back and explore it more. Right! I chosen to go shorter but make it bigger by staying all the trip at one Disney hotel. Ok! I absolutely loved and I don’t regret it. Early one morning, I went to the hotel pool, I saw Mickey at night in the hotel hall and I took a walk by night around the Disney lake. It was so beautiful! My favorite about this hotel, it is so relaxing and the 5 minutes slow and calm walk to the park is awesome.

This September month was a bit of transition in the parks. They started to take off the decors who has marked the big reopening this Summer season and they started to put Halloween decors. Another big milestone, they have started to unboxed the Castle. It’s little by little and it’s could during a couple of months again. But starting to see this unboxing a few new parts. It’s totally amazing! I really love seeing this transformation. My biggest surprise and happiness during my trip they have make back the music who was supposed only be during the princess week at the end of August when the princess cavalcade ride the parade route. I really love more this one that the simple instrumental they used before. Always on the parade route, I spotted some Cast Members testing parade ropes for the first time in one and a half year. We always have no news about the back of big parades in the parks but seeing them working with these ropes, just make me so happy.

Since that I’m back from my August trip, I started to try to make some plans to get some rest of my current mental breakdown who has started 10 months ago and that I don’t manage to go out. I chosen to make my plan for this trip in the same way. When I’m at Disneyland Paris, I’m usually most of my time in the parks from the mornings to nights without take in account my fatigue. I decided to make some changes for this trip because I can’t doing in the extreme right now. I took my time and go slow in the mornings around 10h00 in the parks and headed out of the parks around 05h30pm, and I just enjoyed relaxing in the amazing hotel room where I got a beautiful sunset light in the evenings to rest. It was amazing! And really the most thing to do I think. No vacation, and during the week, the attendance was a bit lower this time but I was pretty surprised it was pretty high for a September month. And the waiting times was pretty low compared to the peoples who were in the parks. Interesting!

During these three days, I managed for the first time in a so long time, to feel myself hopeful. Many things make me hopeful during each days, it was not arrived since so long. It was absolutely amazing! Watching the show in the Walt Disney Studios Park, doing a few simple rides, working on mindfulness moments, hanging in the Disneyland park to relax and to watch float riding the parade route, watching Characters energy, going for the first time since that the Covid has started in one pool, take a look on the Halloween decors already placed and looking on the start of the unboxing of the Castle. And just trying to relax and rest in the hotel room. I ate one ice cream by day because the weather was sunny every day and pretty hot. It was a kind of different trip but a really amazing one.

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