Disneyland Paris Diary • October 2021

Recently, I was back to Disneyland Paris for the Halloween season trip. And what a trip! What a big emotional trip! There is so much things that I don’t know by what starting. After weeks and months of despair on the situation because Disneyland Paris didn’t got the authorizations of the French Government. It’s finally back. It’s official! The parades and shows are back in the parks after be stopped since March 2020. Disneyland Paris has announced the back of the parade for the Christmas season with a brand new parade. The firework night show is back in December after the end of the Castle refurbishment also. Disney Stars On Parade is back on January 10, 2022 after the end of the Christmas season. I don’t think it’s back during the Christmas season because the new Christmas parade could be played by day and night. These announcements on the first day of my trip. It was so emotional. I can’t believe it again, it was so hopeless a few days ago again.

Following these announcements, the social distances has disappeared in the parks also overnight during my trip. It was such emotional. Disneyland Paris has started to remove the social distances stickers everywhere in the parks and it feels like a big change. These are some big emotional moments. The park has again increased capacity equally and has announcement during these weeks that the park is at the full of capacity. This is the first time since the reopening that the park is full in all the categories of tickets. During my trip, I definitely feel like crowds like before Covid. There is some peoples everywhere. I’m so happy about that. But I will don’t hide that the disappear of social distances in the parks with a park full like before Covid is sometimes a bit hard. Social distances was a habit since one and a half year and time could be needed to feel good again all day in the crowds. I’m feel it’s ok about that. All that is so emotional and amazing! A lot more of shows again is back and seeing live back in the parks is so beautiful, even just seeing live on the app with things written in the parades and shows categories and with hours is amazing.

It has been a different trip also because I traveled not solo the all the time as always but with my family. It was such complicated and I don’t want to go into the details. Since a long time my family wanted to go back to Disneyland Paris and here it was. They stayed not all the trip. They were there three days on the five of the trip. I spent the two last days in solo. And what a big surprise by myself! I chosen to stay my solo night in the new Disneyland Paris hotel, the Disney’s New York – The Art Of Marvel. Wahoo! What a hotel! The comfort in the room, the details are everywhere. It’s an amazing hotel!

Well! If not with Halloween season in the parks who is not my favorite season and my mental breakdown who hits many times during the trip because I planned longer parks days that I currently able to do. It was not the best trip! But seeing the parks starting to live again and seeing a bunch of peoples inside it were the highlight of my trip. It’s such amazing!

Always about Covid change, at the beginning of the Halloween season, the Drawing Academy at the Walt Disney Studios park has reopened for the first time since March 2020. I took a drawing class for the very first time. And another big change is the performers of the Disney Dream Factory show doesn’t wear masks anymore during making the show. It’s so emotional seeing all these change.

On another point, the Castle starts more and more to be unboxing and that’s a really exciting thing. It looks so beautiful! Fall is not really one season that I love. But I really loved to discover Fall parks landscapes colors. This is the first time that I see Fall colors really through the resort because usually I went early October and it was not really again ready for this. But I loved discover these colors. Well! That wraps with a few photos of the trip.

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