Disneyland Paris Diary • October 2020

I’m back home from my Halloween season trip at Disneyland Paris. This trip has something of special first because I was there six days. This is the first time that I stay so long at Disneyland Paris and it was also the first time that I travel in solo so long. That’s a bit crazy! I don’t know if it’s because I enjoyed to going in solo so long but since I’m back home, I have the feeling that I’m stayed only three days and not six days. A bit crazy yes!

Since the end of September, it’s Halloween season at Disneyland Paris. Halloween season is not my favorite but I think it’s like a special season because this is the first season since the reopening of the park.


This Halloween season was of course different that Halloween season last year but I refuse to compare them because it’s not comparable with the current safety measures.

Disneyland Paris has done an awesome works to make Halloween spirit in all the park despite the safety measures. The first thing they have done, it’s placing much more Halloween decor everywhere than last year, I discovered a lot of new Halloween decor that I haven’t saw last year. Now, side entertainment like parades and shows are not possible again with the safety measures, they done mini-entertainments along the days, A LOT! And that’s really cool because it’s what I missed the more, more entertainments. It’s a pretty complicated task with the safety measures but they have managed to do an awesome works. And if I miss so much always the parades and shows, it was really cool what I saw and I loved it. Any entertainments has official hours to do not make crowded places because of social distance. But something else happened every 30 minutes during the day around the park.

Floats from the Halloween parade who ride the parade route one by one at different hours, Ursula performances on Castle stage, Maleficent in Castle courtyard, pumpkins mens/womens in Frontierland in the morning and more entertainments on the parade route with princesses, Mickey and Friends. Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pluto and Goofy are always waving “Good Morning” at guests at the top from the Main Street USA station from the Extra Magic Time until 11h30 am in Halloween costumes with Halloween music in the park and Mickey and Minnie are waving “Good Night” at park closure. All that is not equal to a real full season in normal time but for this season it was really cool and with much more life in the park than in August or September. I loved with the current measures. THE BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT of my trip was to see again some floats. I miss so much the parades and even if it was not some complete parades, see some floats ride the parade route again one by one at different hours to avoid crowd give me all the tears. It was so emotional! On October 7, it’s the first float that I saw since March 9, and it means a lot to me.


Unfortunately, despite my biggest happiness to see some floats and so much more life in the park, my mental health was pretty difficult to manage, between different emotions, my flashbacks, my depression, my lack of sleep since one month and I have the feeling that I was not able to completely embrace the present moment and it’s hard to manage mentally probably because of my feeling of emptiness who started a few days before going the trip. On my mental health this trip was complicated! This trip has had so much more than the previous since the reopening therapeutic effects on my flashbacks but unfortunately when my brain realized that my flashbacks were calm, they were fastly go back, it was like if I haven’t had the right to have some moments of calm in my flashbacks. Complicated mentally! But Disneyland Paris has done an awesome works for bring back a season with the safety measures. Let’s sharing my days!



This trip has started very special after a wake up at 4h15 am and take my first train at 05h45 am because for the first time since March, my TGV was able to take back the high speed line. In March, a TGV has derailed on the TGV line that I take to go at Disneyland Paris, it was the day before that I took it for going on my trip in March. It was crazy! I was so grateful because my TGV has not been canceled but I had only 35 minutes of delay, this trip was in more the last trip before the closure. It was crazy! Since this time and since the reopening of the park, I could take the TGV line but the TGV had to take a different no high speed track and the train journey was longer. Now, since a few days the high speed line is back and this morning it was the first time that I take it. The journey was shorted and it feel it. It was good!

I’m arrived at 10h00 am, I left the luggage at the locker and I headed in the park with another important note because this trip was my last trip with my first annual pass. I stopped to watch the gang on Main Street USA station and I loved Mickey and Minnie Halloween costumes, these ones was the first time that I saw them, I take a stroll to look on the decor on Main Street USA and like first attraction on this Halloween trip, I have done Phantom Manor. I followed by Pirates Of The Caribbean.

I spend most of the afternoon (every afternoon of all the trip) to waiting to watch the floats and entertainments on the parade route. It’s pretty complicated because you do not know exactly when they are coming outside but about once by hour and between I enjoyed to take the time to organize some photos.


At 05h30 pm, I left the park to going check in the hotel. I always stay in the Vienna House Dream Castle or Vienna Magic Circus, they are some hotel partners to Disneyland Paris. But for the first and because I stayed longer and it was less expensive, I stayed in the Campanile, who is also a hotel partners and who is literally next to the Vienna House Dream Castle. The difference is that this hotel is a bit smaller and there is no pool/spa. But with the Coronavirus, I did not go in the pool, right the hotel without pool was enough.

I spend the night to do a bath with a pumpkin bath bomb from Lush France and I edited some photos, journaling in my travel journal and I went to sleep.



I wake up early to get ready for Extra Magic Time at 08h30 am. I have done a few attractions and an of my favorite photos to take currently in the park is when the characters go down and up from the Main Street USA station for the “Good Morning” waving. They are walking over about every 30 minutes and I love spend time to take photos of the characters there.


The afternoon was dedicated to wait the floats on the parade route, hot cocoa break and going to watch Mickey Philar’s Magic. Before leaving the park at 06h00 pm, I took a walk around Adventureland. This night, I picked up the dinner from McDo in Disney Village and I ate it in the hotel room. Before editing more photos and going to sleep.



A wake up early for Extra Magic Time again. But before I stopped at Starbucks to take a breakfast. I sitted inside it cozy because outside the day has started with a crazy rain. Thanks later in the day, it has stopped. But in the morning I was soaked. Like it was rainy, I went to do inside attractions with It’s A Small World and I have done a tour with the Disneyland RailRoad.

After to have watched the first float of the day on the parade route, I went take a tour in the Walt Disney Studios park to do Ratatouille. And I was back in the Disneyland park. To wait and watching more floats on the parade route. And between two floats, I took a walk in Frontierland to watch the Halloween decor.


I looked at Main Street USA Halloween windows and I took the way at the hotel. Where I took a big bubble bath and spend the evening to rest, editing some photos, write in my travel journal and going to sleep when I was too much tired to do something again.



This day was Saturday, and Saturday is the most crowded day of the week at Disneyland Paris. Right! On this day, I planned to go less of time in the park to do not take more risk in the crowd about the virus but going in time to watching some entertainments/floats on the parade route and the Castle at night. Because on Saturdays, the park closes at 08h00 pm and on week days at 06h00 pm. The Sundays, it’s at 07h00 pm.

I wake up a bit later and enjoyed a slow morning who was good in the hotel room. When I’m arrived in the park, it was crazy to see this crowd. It’s the first time that I saw the park so crowded since the reopening. It’s warm my heart, I was crying to see so much peoples again. It was good! But it’s give me a bit of anxiety because of the virus because more the park is crowded (always limited capacity), less peoples respect safety measures. On week ends the popular attractions waiting times were of 45-60 minutes, in week days, it’s about 15 minutes. The difference is crazy!

Right! It was emotional to see that! I went slowly and I went in some places of the park where there is less of peoples between watching the floats on the parade route. I went watching Mickey Philar’s Magic and I have done the Thunder Mesa RiverBoat. And it’s all for this day. In the afternoon, I took a snack at Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant also. I watched the sunset, where I took a bit from higher to watch it from the Fort Comstock in Frontierland. It’s the first time that I climb in the Fort Comstock in more. I waited that it was a bit dark also to walk in Frontierland to watching the Halloween decor light on and I took the way back at the Castle to watch it in the night about one hour before take the way back of the hotel. And going to sleep.


Day 5

On this day, the crowd was also more important like it was always the week end and I planned to go later like the day before, to enjoy the park slowly to watch the entertainments/floats on the parade route and watching the park at night and avoid a maximum the most crowded places of the park. It was a slow good day!



I wake up early for this last day. I get ready and finish to pack the suitcase before let it in the locker and go in the park around 09h30 am. I took a hot cocoa to warm me up for take photos of the characters go down and up on Main Street USA station. Along the day, I have done a few attractions with Phantom Manor, Thunder Mesa River Boat, Mickey Philar’s Magic, Disneyland Railroad and watching the floats/entertainments on the parade route.

I left the park at the closure around 06h15 pm to join the gare station to take my TGV at 07h01 pm and my train connection later at 09h20 pm and I was back home around 11h00 pm.

That wraps the diary of my October trip at Disneyland Paris. Thanks for stopping by!




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