Disneyland Paris Diary • November 2021

I was back at Disneyland Paris to discover the Christmas season. The FIRST Christmas season in TWO YEARS! Ok! Let’s trying to find the words! Wahoo! Let’s starting by the BEST and MOST exciting thing, the parades and shows are back in the parks. My FAVORITES things in the parks. It’s amazing! For this Christmas season we got a brand new Christmas parade, named Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade and is riding the parade route by day and by night, during my trip I got one representation in early afternoon and the second in the early evening at night. The floats illuminated at night are such beautiful and the day and night version are two different experiences. The more of this parade is that it is doing two stop shows, one on Central Plaza and the second on Town Square, and the stop show on Town Square during the nighttime version is doing the Christmas tree illumination also with Mickey and his friends and the Santa Claus. The parade is new and got a few technical troubles, the stops shows were canceled a few days including my two first days but I got the surprise that it was back on the two second days. It’s reduced a bit the experiences but the parades were always riding the parade route without stop shows on my two first days and it was the most HAPPY thing after be without parades since March 2020. I thought it’s could be anxious me, but I finally managed mentally pretty good to be in parades crowds for the first time.

Seeing the Christmas decors by day and Christmas lights by night on Main Street USA was amazing. My eyes and nervous system were… wahoo and shocked! It’s so awesome!

The beautiful surprise of this trip also was to discover the Castle totally unboxed in the front, and even illuminated at night. She is so stunning! The refurbishment is not totally finished and we have a few tarps at the back again, but most of the Castle is back. And it’s totally amazing to have back the icon of the park.

Let’s Sing Christmas, Frozen: A Musical Invitation, Dream Factory, A Funny Snowy Winter, The Lion King and Rhythms Of The Pride Lands and the parades, I stopped counting how many shows I have done. And I have done only five rides this trip. It’s such so good to find back these kind of parks days full of parades and shows for the first time since March 2020.

I was slown down during this trip, I skipped Extra Magic Time to be able to do it until past 06h00 pm for the night version parade. It was something that I worked hard but I didn’t know if I could managed to get until the night in the parks because of my current mental breakdown. In previous trips, I tried but I have never success to get until the night because I’m tired and my vision get blurry. But I have done it, and my vision was clear. I’m always shocked to have managed to do it. I can’t believe it! It’s crazy to me!

During this trip, I’m stayed at the Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, this was my first time and it was one Disney hotel that I wanted to explore. Everything is in the Cars themed and I pretty loved but it’s not my favorite Disney hotel.

I was at the parks for Mickey and Minnie’s birthday, we got a special cavalcade on the parade route. And it was just such emotional to have the parks open this year for this special birthday. Let’s sharing a few photos!

I can’t really express words about this trip. It’s so many emotional things! I have equally worked hard on the shame emotion during this trip. All that is crazy and beautiful! Right! That wraps this trip post!



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