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Yesterday was Disneyland Paris 28th Birthday. I was not one second in mood to celebrate Easter because my heart was hurting that the gates were not open on his special day. I miss Disneyland Paris! My mental health miss Disneyland Paris! Each day, it feel again harder, I can’t go to my therapy place, my flashbacks and anxiety increase every day and if yet I was not in depression since a long time, I start to fall literally in depression and it feel like it’s can’t stop.

Right! I have made a compromise, outside of the fact that I could want to be on the day of re-open of the parks. I usually go 3-4 days by month to Disneyland Paris. I will miss these of April but each month missing to go in the park and like I do not want to use the money for other things, I decided to transfer these missed days on the following months until the parks open. Right! The result, by example if the parks re-open in May, I could go six days in the row, if the parks re-open in June, I could go nine days in the row, etc. I dream to go more than only 3-4 days in the row. Right! That’s my compromise, right now! BUT! I have to hold that until it’s re-open and that’s hard every single day.

Well! It’s a long time that I wanted to filming and create a video on my favorite parade to Disneyland Paris. Disney Stars On Parade is played daily (when the weather don’t prevent it, but the cast members working on it done a great job because it’s often done it even under the rain, the times that I had canceled it it was because of big winds with the storm Ciara in February), since the 25th Birthday from Disneyland Paris. It’s an of my highest favorite thing to Disneyland Paris! I love it! It was obvious that I create a video about it. BUT! For multiple reasons, I had some troubles to create it. And today, the final video that I share was not my goal video from the beginning. I wanted to create a full video of the parade with a time of about 10 minutes like the parade in real. But, I haven’t managed. I will prepare myself to do it another time. But! In waiting, and with the parks closure and Disneyland Paris birthday, I wanted to do something. Right! I turned the video differently and I created a short version. In less of two minutes, but I pretty love it. Ok! Less of 2 minutes, I can watching it more than 60 times in one hour and more than 720 times in one day, in waiting that the parks re-open. It’s not too much! Right!

You can check out the video below but before a few photos of Disney Stars On Parade also that I took last year (except the first one took in March this year). I need to planning to take photos again of the parade because also during writing this post I realized that I haven’t camera photos of the Frozen float, an of my favorite float, because even if I watch it many times on a trip, I love just watching it and for some mental health reasons not specially enjoying this time behind the camera each time.

It’s the compromise who can be hard when you’re a photographer and trying to enjoy the moment.


The float are really big and amazing! My favorites is the one who opens the parade with Mickey & Minnie, Toy Story, Crush and the Frozen float. But I pretty love all the parade! Check this short film on the parade! A highlight to do if you plan a trip to Disneyland Paris before the 30th Anniversary because I hear that at this time, they could to do a new parade.

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