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Here we go again! It’s official, friday Disneyland Paris has announced that they couldn’t open like planned on April 2, because any restrictions could be lifted before mid-April in France. And in more, Disneyland Paris couldn’t opens during that there is some travel restrictions in Europe. It’s now the third times since this closure on October 29, 2020 that Disneyland Paris has to delays the reopening because of the French gouvernment restrictions. In this way, this time they chosen do not place another new date of reopening. They could give informations on a reopening date when the French gouvernment could tell more informations about lifting restrictions, one thing who doesn’t currently. The president of Disneyland Paris tells be optimist about a reopening soon!

In reality, I feel pretty peaceful about these news. Right! It was excepted! But also since that I have understand why I felt so bad these past months and what the pandemic and lockdowns bring me in reality on my mental health and Complex PTSD. I feel better about this new reopening delays. What I understand recently make me currently feeling overwhelmed and I’m honest that I could not feel good to go to Disneyland Paris, if it will have reopened on April 2. I’m not ready! I’m currently too much overwhelmed! Right! I hope that Disneyland Paris could be able to reopening before July like even, because I miss the park. But I was not ready to go back in the next weeks, I’m sad that it’s once again delayed and the hardest part it’s do not have of new date now, but I’m feel pretty peaceful inside me with this new!

Right! In the beginning of the month, on a therapy side, I created me a special photo book. I’m feel currently overwhelmed and hopeless and I remembered that a few times ago, when I felt hopeless Disney quotes has helped me a lot. I realized that the fact of my current Instagram break I was less exposed to read Disney quotes daily. I think, it was not a good thing! But it was unthinkable that I stop my Instagram break to look in this way more Disney quotes. I finally chosen to create a little book, where I could place my favorite Disney quotes, and accompanied of a few of my favorites photos took in Disneyland Paris. When I received it at home, I feel happy about it!

For this project, I used the Little Moments Photo Book on PhotoBox. I wanted something of little that I can watch and have next to me multiple times in the days, when I need it. I wanted a small size. And I felt immediately in love with the Little Moments Photo Book on PhotoBox. It’s square and small with 13cm. It was perfect.

After to have pick up the Disney quotes that I wanted to place in the photo book, I have pick one design in two colors to create on Canva. In first, I just wanted to place these Disney quotes on every pages. But! I finally chosen to add some photos. To see photos of my past trips where I had good times, I thought it’s could to have more impact when I could read the quotes because I feel depressed or hopeless. I don’t wanted a big book! Right! I picked up the size with 24 pages. I keep the same placement order in all the photo book. I placed the photos on the left pages and the design quotes on the right, except in the middle of the book on four pages in the row, I placed only quotes. The pages are 250 gram paper with gloss finish and it’s absolutely amazing. I loved touching them! A little peek inside it!

Hope that it’s could be a bit helpful to me in these current times! Thanks for stopping by!



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