Disney Movie Challenge

It is time! After to have had waiting four months of more than in the USA & Canada, and after to have had waiting two weeks more of delays because of the quarantine. Disney + is in France since Tuesday!

The service was supposed to be out here in France on 24th March 2020 but with the current quarantine situation and because of bandwidth the French gourvernment has decided two days before the date to delays it until 7 April 2020. I was mad about it! I waited since so much months and of the fact that I couldn’t be back in the parks currently, I wanted to use it to accompany me in these times. But they have delays it and I was mad!

Right! It’s out now! I’m so excited! On the 7th April, I wake up me early, and I took my subscription before 10 am. I know that it’s couldn’t subtitue the trip to Disneyland Paris that I have to cancel in April. But I really hope that it’s could accompany me a bit in waiting to could be back in the parks. In the beginning of 2020, I launched me a Disney Movie Challenge that I waited that Disney + is out in France to start it. I hope also that finally as for Disney + and to have had all this time to wait. But finally on the day where it was out, I told me that it was not finally so long to wait. I hope that I feel the same thing when the parks could re-open after the quarantine. It’s hard every day but I hope that I could feel this feeling that it was finally not so long.


In these three past days, I already watched…

+One Day At Disney.

+The Imagineering Story, the three episodes available.

+Steamboat Willie.

+Mickey Mouse On Ice (because I miss the Winter and snow!)


If you read my blog post in the beginning of the year, in 2020 an of my goal is a Disney Movie Challenge. Yes! Because I love going to Disneyland Paris but since forever I have never watched Disney movies, except a few ones. I have a really full Disney Movie Challenge. I hope not to have all watched them before that the parks re-open but this could be an activity to check off a bunch of movies before going back in the parks.

Of previously before that Disney + is out in France, I started and watched in DVD, Peter Pan, Cinderella and Frozen are check done on my list. Now, let’s keep going with Disney +! And I’m so surprised of all the things available in Disney + for his price! I’m so excited! What is your favorite Disney movie? Thanks for reading!




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