Christmas At Disneyland Paris Video

Today it’s my birthday! I’m turning 23. Right! This past year was special and complicated. I will not do a review today because I have my post about 2019 review soon and it’s around the same time. My dream for my birthday day was to do ski in the ski resort next to home but I can’t because of the lack of snow. There was snow, the ski resort already opened a few days but the temperature rise up and all the snow has melted down. The weather planning the back of the snow and cold over the next days and I hope that I could to start ski season between Christmas and New Year. In waiting, I will start to be back at the winter sliding sports slowly today by going at the ice skating.

I have finished to editing the videos of my trip at Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season and in the occasion of my birthday, I wanted to share them today here. Because I love Disneyland Paris and it’s something of important who has rhythmed this past year. I hope that this year could be with a lot of Mickey world also. In any case, I want to it!

I have two videos, the video of the Disney’s Christmas Parade and the complete video of the holiday season in the parks with a look cinematic. It’s something that I really loved during my trips this year, to works and develop more my videos skills. I absolutely loved! I’m proud of myself! I have progressed a lot! When I look at the video of my day trip at Disneyland Paris for my birthday last year and when I look at the video that I just wrapped this week. I love this progress and I become a result that I love more! I have a lot of progress to do again, I think particularly already at the stabilization, yeah! it’s not easy to filming with a DSLR in the hands and stay stable. But I had something on my wishlist for my birthday for work on this next year. The thing that I love the more, it’s that I have managed to place depth of field in my videos. It’s something that I knew to do in my photos but in the videos is another degree of difficulty. I can do it now! And I love it! Right! Below the two videos of the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris.

Right! Thank you so much at all you who stopped reading my blog this year! Thank you!


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