Christmas At Disneyland Paris: Day 3

Hanging in a favorite place! Today, I will share the recap of my last day trip to Disneyland Paris in December. Some new things, some favorite things and just to hang in an of my favorite place where I feel good!


I was too tired and when I woke up I started to be sick that I decided do not to go during extra magic hours. I went a bit later but always early in the morning. I check-out the hotel, take the shuttle and I placed my luggage in the locker at the gare station. I stopped by Starbucks to grab a hot cocoa with a holiday cup (phone trouble & photo blurry). The weather was cold but also super foggy, I went first in the Walt Disney Studios and we didn’t able to see The Hollywood Tower and we saw almost not the big Mickey ears, later when I went in Disneyland park, it was about 11h00 am but we didn’t see the Castle with the fog. Right! When I headed in the Walt Disney Studios, I went to see the all new show (open mid-November) Frozen: A Musical Invitation in Animation Celebration. It was nice, I loved it! And I’m obsessed with all the Hidden Mickey on the carpet floor inside or outside in the waiting line.

Right after, I headed in the Disneyland park. I hanged on Main Street USA and I went wait for Disney’s Christmas Parade. Between the two Christmas parades, I so much loved the day before on my first time in Pirates Of The Carribean that I went to do it again. I grabbed a Christmas Mickey shaped cupcake and I went hanging at warming up in the Videopolis and watching Let’s Sing Christmas. I really love this show with Christmas music!

I went walk in the park and taken photos before going to wait for Disney Stars On Parade. And I followed along. I love this parade!

Right! I went to wait for Disney Illuminations. I have my TGV back at 08h11 pm and the park closed at 07h00 pm and Disney Illuminations is at park closing and it’s during about 20 minutes. During my trip in November, I watched it from Main Street USA because less one hour before my train departure I was afraid to be blocked in the crowd at the exit. BUT after my last trip experience, I examined for this trip and I have chosen to watch it from in front of the Castle and that I have time to go out of the crowd and going back at the gare station.

Right! During, I waited for Disney Illuminations I had a text like my TGV has 30 minutes of delay because of an animal accident. I watched Disney Illuminations and I run a little in the crowd to go out to be at the gare station at the right hour time despite my TGV delay. AND I had widely the time! My TGV had effectively 30 minutes of delay at the departure and later in the journey he took again more delay and I had 50 minutes of delay at the arrival. I was at home only around 01h00 am. But it was right! Now, I had an indemnity for the delay that I could put in some other TGV tickets for Disneyland Paris next year. I wait to see what happens with the big current strike in France to booking them because it’s completely the chaos after this strike again. Monday, I was not able to go at my psychiatrist visit because of the strike and next Monday, I don’t know if I could go at my supposed last psychiatrist visit of the year. That wraps this last day! I’m so happy to have spent all these times (not always easy) and money on these trips at Disneyland Paris these past months. I can tell that I have really good to make the profits of my annual pass holder that I bought back in May. I’m happy for that!


You are curious and don’t know why I love to go to Disneyland Paris multiple times and what benefits these trips have on my mental health, check out my post where I talked about how Disneyland improves my mental health here.



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