Christmas At Disneyland Paris: Day 2

Let’s get some magic on day 2! I previously shared the first day of my trip to Disneyland Paris in December, today I will share the second day of my trip. I initially to do plans for a four days trip but after my cut short of one day at the last minutes because of the strike in the trains, I had to adapt a bit my plans on the two last days to include in maximum what I wanted to do it. I could have loved to watching multiple times Mickey’s Christmas Big Band show but I could watch it only once time during this trip. But despite this day in less, I rather managed to do all what I wanted in shows or attractions but on the afternoon of the day 2, I had to do multiple go and back between the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios awhile in my first plans I planned to spent all afternoon and night in the Walt Disney Studios.


I woke up early around 06h30, I haven’t sleep before 01h30 am but I went in bed around 12h30 am and I fell asleep in about 1 hour after my day in the park. It’s so amazing to fall asleep so fast! It was hard to wake up early and I was tired because I miss sleep hours but I went to do the extra magic hours and I had a beautiful sunrise and morning light. It was cold and frozen on the ground, I almost fall down many times because the ground at Disneyland Paris is sliding. But this day was a sunny, the first sunny day, all day since my trip in September. Right! But it’s on the end of the first sunny day that I started to be sick! But this is another story! The Christmas tree in the hall of the hotel.

At 08h00 am, I was outside to take the shuttle and it was the first time that I was so early in the park. I walk down Main Street USA with a beautiful light and I absolutely loved! I grabbed a hot cocoa as breakfast and I headed to Fantasyland to do Peter Pan’s Flight but the attraction was down at this moment so I went to do Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast. It was the first time ever that I do this attraction, I have chosen to do it to discover it during this trip because I hear that in January she could be in renovation during more than 6 months. BUT, I could not have thought that I could love it so much! It was fun and I loved even if I had pain in my hands after because of my tendinitis! My score was of 18600 and I was pretty happy of this for a first time. It was around 09h00 am, I took a walk until Frontierland. I love to walk in this part of the park early in the morning. Always with the beautiful morning light. I have taken a cruise with the Thunder Mesa Riverboat and to do a few attractions, I have done Blanche Neige et les Septs Nains and I headed to do Pirates Of The Carribean. This is the first time ever that I have done Pirates and I loved it!

I slowly headed on Fantasyland to prepare myself for Disney’s Christmas Parade and I enjoyed around and watched a part of a Christmas movie on a bench during 30 minutes. I love to do that! I love watching the parade AND when I do not take photos or filming it, I go to Fantasyland and I follow it all her route until the end. It’s fun! And it permits me to listen longer the music! I don’t remember what I have done after the first parade but I think that I have done a few shops and I went to take place for the second parade after and I placed me on the Castle Stage to be placed for The Winter Sparkling Waltz here just after the parade. It was the first time that I saw this show, and I can’t tell I loved but I can’t tell that hated also because I love watching shows at Disneyland Paris. But I don’t loved! But it was nice to hang here, it was cold outside but with the sun it was nice. Just to hang!

Right after, I went to drink a hot cocoa at the Cafe Fantasia. I hate going to restaurants or places with waiters because of my social anxiety but I have done it the first time during my trip in November and I loved! Despite one day in less during my trip, it was something that I didn’t want to eliminate on my plans. I enjoyed about 45 minutes in the Cafe where I took advantage to get warming up and to organize some photos on my DSLR and I went in the Walt Disney Studios. Some musicians with Christmas music in Studio 1 and I headed to watch Mickey’s Christmas Big Band. I love this show!

Right after, I headed on Production Courtyard to wait for watching #SURPRISEMICKEY Special Christmas. I love this show also! It was 04h45 pm, I run back in Disneyland to watch Disney Stars On Parade.

It was night outside after the parade and I headed back at the Walt Disney Studios, I hanged on the park and discover it by night. He has also Christmas decorations and even a mini Christmas market so it was nice. I have done Ratatouille and back in Production Courtyard, I watched #SURPRISEMICKEY Christmas Special by night. It was awesome! I love the music in the show but by night they project illuminations on The Hollywood Tower with a firework also. It was the first time that I saw something projected on The Hollywood Tower and I really loved it!

Really cool at night! It was the first time also that I staying until the Walt Disney Studios closing hour. I loved! Ok! On this night, I decided to do my first real meal of the trip, I grabbed a few things at the McDo in Disney Village and I headed back to the hotel. I enjoyed my dinner in the hotel room with Christmas movies. I spent the night to organize photos and watching Home Alone 2. Watching Home Aone awhile I’m alone in a hotel room! It does not have even anxious me! That wraps this day! I loved it! Thanks for reading!


PS: Noticed that a few photos are a bit blurry, it’s because I had some trouble with my phone and I had to keep it all the time in my pocket plugged to my external battery because he turned off all the time even when the battery was completely charged. It was not easy to take photos with my phone all the time plugged into my external battery. Right! Some photos are a bit blurry. I have changed my phone now!





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