Christmas At Disneyland Paris: Day 1

Last week, I was on my December therapy trip to Disneyland Paris! My fourth and ultimate trip planned for this year! Back in September, when I have done my first overnights trip to Disneyland Paris, I felt so good while I was in some hard times. I was in trouble about life and I don’t know what I wanted and back from this trip in September, I had the want to go to Disneyland Paris every month with nights stay in a hotel (because before I went just for some day trips). It was amazing! Right now! I’m so grateful for these trips because going to Disneyland Paris every month during some days in the row, it shows me that going outside all day can be better than staying all day in bed with cozy blankets and tv shows (what I do at home), whatever if it’s cold, day or night to waiting 1 hour Disney Illuminations, or watching the Disney Stars On Parade under the rain. It’s can be cool to be outside! If you love what you do outside! And I have never so much loved to be outside all day long than to Disneyland Paris. I’m grateful for all these times outside! I loved to practice photos and my filming skills during my trips!

Right! I will share the first day of my December trip during the Christmas season of course! On this trip, I was supposed to go three nights and four days park BUT because of a BIG STRIKE in the transport in France, my TGV back home on the late evening December 4, has been deleted and at the last minutes, I had to cut short my trip of one day. So, I stayed two nights and three full days park as my previous trip in October and November. I’m mad about this because it was my last trip of the year and that I wanted really to stay one more day than usual. But on another side on the third day, I started to be sick and if I was again to Disneyland Paris on December 4, it will be a very hard day because at home I was not able to stay up. Right! It was a good thing on a side! Despite this day in less, I enjoyed and I had an amazing trip! Some so good times or my flashbacks and anxiety were lows! During this trip, I could see more Christmas shows, some shows who were not again available when I was just the first week of the Christmas season in the parks.


DAY 1.

I left home very early on Sunday 01, to take my TGV to 05h55 am. I went arrived like usually around 09h00 am, I placed my luggage in the locker at the gare station and I headed in the park. The weather was not specially good, it was a bit rainy but I have now the habit because since October in each of my trip it was rainy. But it’s winter and we are in France. I walked down Main Street USA with the Christmas decor and music during Extra Magic Hours again, I headed to do It’s A Small World and I was in the second first boat of the day. It was cool! Right after, I went to wait to see the opening of the Advent Calendar down the Castle. It was the very first time that I saw that at Disneyland, it was cool AND in more, there have Mickey for the opening day!

After, I went explored a bit more of Adventureland. It was the first time that I go exploring more Adventureland, my favorite lands are Fantasyland and Main Street USA and I do not spent much time in the others BUT this time I had the time and I wanted to do it so I have done it. It was really cool! I discovered so much and I didn’t thinking that all that could be in Disneyland Paris. It was really amazing! It’s always not my favorite land but I loved to explore it more and I could continue next time to explore again more! I loved!

I grabbed a hot cocoa and it was time for the first Christmas parade of the day. I haven’t photos of the parade because I spent all the parade to filming for my final video but I have taken more photos of the Christmas parade in November go here. The first Christmas parade is at 12h00 pm and the second is at 01h20 pm, between the two I went take a tour at the Videopolis to listening Let’s Sing Christmas before heading back to see the second parade.

PS: On Main Street USA during Christmas season in Disneyland Paris, it’s snowing many times by day AND that’s amazing! I love snow AND I’m so excited about each time it’s snowing!

Around 02h00 pm, I picked up my luggage and took the shuttle to check-in the hotel and take a rest of my 4h30 am wake up and only two hours of sleep.

Around 05h00 pm, I headed back in the park for the night. It was Sunday so the park closed later at 09h00 pm than usually at 07h00 pm. Two hours more in the cold but two hours more of hanging in the park also. I had to go slowly because a few days ago I increased the Sertraline and at Disneyland, I walk so much more than at home and I started to have headache because I have taken the Sertraline in the afternoon at the hotel room and when I’m at Disneyland it’s better than I took it before I go to sleep and not when I will spend time again in the park. Right! It’s what I have done the next days. I strolled slowly a bit in the park at night before heading to wait for Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights (Christmas Tree Illuminations). It was the first time also that I saw the Christmas Tree Illuminations. It was amazing! Right after! I went to wait for Disney Illuminations. It was again a bit rainy here but the show and firework were here but I have never seen the Castle so much in the smoke of the firework after the final. I was asking me seriously if there had not a problem because of so much smoke! I hanged on Main Street USA until the park is almost empty to take photos and around 11h00 pm, I was back at the hotel.

That wraps this first amazing day! I was a little exasperating to cut short this trip of one day because of the strike but I spent an AMAZING time during this trip but I got over it. BUT! About the strike: I had to cancel my psychiatrist visit yesterday also because of the strike and I had no trains to go. Right!… Thanks for reading!




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