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Hello! It’s one month that I haven’t took the time to write on the blog. And this for a few reasons.

The first one is that I feel always very down on my mental health since that the lockdowns these past months has unlocked my past trauma. I’m trying to continue the way of healing. But some days it’s really hard and sometimes (often) I would like to have an one week vacation of this new healing journey but I don’t manage. And I’m exhausted!

This made that I haven’t had the want these past weeks, to take the time to write down here because I’m so exhausted. During these past weeks, I preferred and been more motivated to start my very new Instagram account and I stay concentrate on there, and not on the blog.

On a good new, and the first good new since the beginning of the year! Yesterday, we got a new Disneyland Paris reopening date. The June 17!!! After more than seven months of closures, three times the date has been delayed and finally to be left without reopening date since mid-March. We got a new date. After the date announcement, I feel inside my heart a giant joy feeling, this is the first time in over one year.

And to have this new date it was not win these past weeks, because of the French gouvernment who wanted to put one health pass to entry in the theme parks in France and who considered theme parks in the same category that concerts and festivals on the calendar for reopening the country. After weeks of nervousness because of this, one thing who hasn’t helped me with my healing journey, the French gouvernment has rolled out the idea of the health pass for theme parks, what has permitted to theme parks to work on the reopening last week. And yesterday, Disneyland Paris has given the reopening day. It’s very exciting!

On May 3, the lockdown was finished in France. Right! We are always under curfew and nothing has reopened again. And on May 4, we left the home to go on one week getaway near the beach in the South. My parents have recently bought a cabin in a camping near the beach in the South Of France. And it was my first time going here. It was really good! I have managed to relax a bit during for the first time in over six months and I spent my first nights without insomnia since six months.

Last week, I have done my first vaccine shot. The vaccination is available for the more of 18 years only starting mid-June in France. But I discovered recently that when you have mental health troubles you are in the “priority public” and in this category it’s available since last week for peoples of 18 years and more. Right! After a lot of thoughts if yes or no I do, I have done my first shot last week.

I left you with a few beach photography!

Thanks for stopping by!


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