Back On Instagram + New Rules

Since a few days I’m back on Instagram. After a break of two months because of my mental health, I started slowly to be back since the beginning of April. I started to feel ready to be back at the end of March. But I was looking to be back in another way than I left it at the end of January. For one principal reason, is that the way that I used it before my break was not totally helpful for my Complex PTSD and the fact what I learned about these past couple months about my Complex PTSD, I totally started a new part of my healing journey. Come back as I left was not a good idea!

For this, I wanted to start new. I was looking about since a few times, but never do it for many reasons but I finally launched me and I decided to start a new account. I wanted and needed to start new and create an account where I could share about Disney and the healing from my Complex PTSD. It was always something that I wanted to do before, but I felt not comfortable with my old account. I needed to do it on the current healing part that I’m. It’s a bit scary starting from zero after years on an account. But I preferred start from zero and feel more comfortable with this account that be back on my old and don’t feel comfortable. I wanted to start with a new account also because I don’t wanted anymore that followers numbers or likes are a problem on my mental health. Whatever what is the numbers of followers that I have, I wanted to love what I share and that it’s brings me something of good and positive on my healing journey and not only about the competition for likes.

It was something that I thought already before my break, I created a second account (in reality I created last year when I thought about it but never really used it) where I share only Disneyland Paris parks photography. I have often photos that I want to share but that I don’t love place on my main account feed. Right! I had the want to create a second account only Disneyland Paris photography. My main account is about Lifestyle Disney and healing journey. And my second is about only Disneyland Paris parks photography.

Before be back on Instagram, I set myself strict rules about my times and what I do about it. I think it was important because my mental health is always not good and I don’t wanted to be back like before.


-Set hours and times of the days to spend to scroll and share on it.

-Follow only peoples and accounts who bring me joy and is helpful on my healing journey. It’s probably the one that I consider the more important!

-Only share what makes me happy and helpful, particularly on my healing journey.

Right! Of the fact of my current mental health, I decided to be back slowly, I know that I have favorite accounts but that I’m not able to follow back. I decided to follow them on my new account and mute them at this moment because I can’t follow to many peoples in once. I hope that the time I feel better and ready, I could be happy to unmute them! Right! If the day that I feel better exist! Because it’s hard to believe about it. But, I chosen to be back slowly! With this way that I decided to be back, since that I’m back I’m feel good about it and it’s not too overwhelming!

If you want to, you can follow me at @simplymagicmarion for my lifestyle account and @marion.disneyphotography for my Disneyland Paris photography.


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