A Very Hygge Christmas Basket

I wanted to do something. Not big. But a fun thing for this Christmas season. I thought a lot about what could I love, and what could eventually be helpful for my current healing journey. I finally chosen to do a Hygge Christmas Basket. I love hygge. And in the main time this basket was the occasion to spend money on a few Christmas things but don’t buy more things during the Christmas season outside this basket. I loved the idea of these two goals that this basket could brings me. Right! I launched me. It’s took me a few weeks to assemble it with what things could brings me hygge and what things I could love this Christmas season and without wanted to add more after.

In the basket I added, a Disney Christmas themed mug of the Walt’s Disney Holiday Lodge collection. A collection that I fall in love at the moment where I saw it on ShopDisney. The LEGO Santa Claus Sleigh because it was a few time that I haven’t done new LEGO and I loved it when I saw it. I equally added a new pair of slippers because I needed to change mine. Creative side, I added a book of Christmas coloring cards. I looked on Christmas coloring books but I found all of them annoying when I looked on it. But when I found this Christmas coloring cards book. It was differently and I loved it. Finally, I added a mini-Christmas themed puzzle. I love puzzles but currently because of my mental breakdown I’m not able to do big puzzles. I just love small puzzle moments and these kind of mini-puzzles are perfect for that.

Right! A very Hygge Christmas basket.



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