A Few Tips To Set Boundaries on Social Media

We go again! Lately, I had a hard time to support social media on my mental health. Before! Early this year because of my mental breakdown, I already took one over-two-months-Instagram-and-social-media-break. It was a needed thing! And one good thing! After this break I come back with a new account to restarting fresh and with boundaries about social media. Since this time, I set boundaries on my social media activity. Over the past months, I learned also that I need to constantly adapt my social media boundaries, depending of how my mental health is, and how my mental health is after scrolling on social media. Currently, it’s pretty bad again. I feel a lot of anger after scrolling on social media and if I managed to discover why. I need to place right now strictest boundaries around social media. Social media and Instagram particularly can be an incredible healing tool for me, right now. Right! I don’t want to take a total break again. And in this moment, placing boundaries around social media is helping. To maintain an activity who helps me, but to stop when it’s too much for my mental health.

I’m sharing with you the tips and things that I learned over the past 9 months – and I’m always learning – of how I started to change my social media activity by set boundaries to make it a good thing for my mental health.


It’s probably the most common tip online. But it’s an of the most powerful! Unfollow peoples/accounts who doesn’t bring something good. Whatever what kind of peoples you love to follow. Follow only peoples/accounts who bring you joy, calm and a something good in anyway. If in any other way some accounts make you feel bad on something, unfollow. When you could open the apps, and scrolling on your feed, to have only accounts who brings you something good could make you feel good, inspirational or happy. Unfollow peoples and keep it only to what makes you feel good could help you also to reduce your time on social media by reduce scrolling on your feed.


Set social media times. It’s particularly helpful if you spend hours to scrolling on social media. Or even if not. Whatever is the best for you during the day. Set normal and correct times during the day. By example 15 minutes during lunch time. Or 30 minutes at night. You can set multiple times during the day. The importance is to set times that you feel good with and that you could follow, and on the long term. If you spend hours to scroll on social media, don’t directly reduce to 15 minutes your time. Reduce gradually for that you feel good about this change and see the benefit that it’s could to have to reduce it.


If you feel the need of it. Take social media breaks. Social media breaks can be from one to a few days, to weeks, or even months. Take the time that you need away of social media for your mental health. You can even plan regular breaks as weekly or monthly. Take the time that you need to make social media breaks. Social media can be awesome but without breaks on your mental health it can be total destructible also. Mostly, when and if you have already mental health troubles.


Turn off the notifications is an of the best and easy tip to reduce social media time. Go directly in your phone settings, to turn off completely the notifications or set a time to receive notifications. Turn off notifications permits you to do not be distracted by them and go back in the apps each time that you receive one to look what is new. It’s could be helpful also to maintain the social media times that you fixed you.


I don’t know if it’s possible on all kind of phone. But on iPhone, it’s possible to hide apps from the home screen without delete it. Place social media apps away from your home screen. In this way, it’s could be harder to go in it. Don’t have them on your home screen permits you to not be in the want to go in them each time that you check your phone, even if it’s for another reason that social media. And don’t have them on your home screen, would after habit, all simply make forget you to check in when you don’t see them.


Right! Sometimes when we want to come back strolling on social media, is all simply because we don’t have nothing to do, we feel annoyed. Find an activity to do instead of scrolling is a good idea to forget the want to scroll. And no phone and calming activity is better. But sometimes you just want to use your phone and have it in your hands. Right! It is useful to download one game app on your phone, that you can use instead of going and scrolling on social media. And put this one on your home screen.


Adapt boundaries to the need of the moment. Because you feel mentally down and want set time to rest, because you are on vacation. Because currently for any reason in your life, you need strictest or softest boundaries. Adapt is the best thing to make boundaries around social media a good thing in your daily life and not difficult stuff because you private yourself of social media.

Right! I think, that wraps! What is your favorite tip maybe don’t written here to set boundaries on social media? Thanks for stopping by!



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