A Day In The Life: Lockdown Edition

Lockdown number 2, Day 12. I’m a stay at home people when I’m not on my Disneyland Paris trips, it’s can happens that between two trips (about 30 days) I don’t go outside, I feel not good related to my C-PTSD to go outside in my neighborhood. We are officially in lockdown since 12 days but the last time that I went outside from the house it was on my last day on my Disneyland Paris trip on October 12. But be at home people in normal time, and be lockdown at home because of the French government is really different. Do you know that we have in France currently all the shops of closed except food, we are not able to buy some Christmas decor? In the food shops where Christmas decor are sell usually, they have blocked some sections of the shop and you can’t buy any Christmas decor, books and a lot more. It’s hard to hear about the lockdown everywhere.

This lockdown, one thing that I haven’t really done during the first lockdown between March and May, I decided to structure a bit my days with including a lot of cozy, hygge and Christmas themed. Let’s sharing!

On mornings I try to wake up around 8h30 am, I take my breakfast and get ready, alert cozy sweaters and sweat pants. Usually after I take a look on social media. One thing: I do not look on my phone before I’m ready and dressed. And watching around 9h30 am on Instagram is a most for me because I follow a lot of Americans and with the jet lag they have posted during I’m sleeping and when I wake up, it’s the end of the day for them.

From 9h30 am to 11h30 am I work on something usually on my laptop. Around 11h30 am, I start to get ready for lunch, my lunch are usually a yogurt and if I feel good to eat a bit more, rice or pasta, most of the time.

After I watch some videos from Disneyland Paris, some favorites of my trips or some complete shows virtually. Around 1h30 pm I take a rest in my bed, sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes no, sometimes I sleep 30 minutes, sometimes I sleep 1 hour, it’s depending of the night that I passed and my mental health. When I’m not sleeping a lot, I can work again on my laptop from 2h00 pm to 3h00 pm. And I look on Instagram also to see if French peoples that I follow has shared something.

At 3h00 pm, I try to go a few minutes in the backyard to get fresh air, usually it’s about only 5 minutes but since it’s start to be cold and that I love to feel the cold on my face skin, I really try to go outside a few minutes to feel this cold. It’s probably what I miss the more do not be able to go at Disneyland Paris right now in the cold outside all day. After a few minutes outside, I’m back inside to warm up with a hot cocoa. Before, I used only hot chocolate mix to do my hot cocoa, but since a few days I try to make a real hot cocoa, and I’m trying different kind of chocolate to make them. I’m drinking my hot cocoa and in the same time I’m launching a Christmas movie of the afternoon.

After the hot cocoa and during continuing to watching the Christmas movie, I’m really trying to do an activity who is no tech, a puzzle, a board game, art therapy. Just to make something who is no screen. Around 6h00 pm, I love check in Pinterest to find inspirations on different subjects. Around 6h50 pm, I get ready to eat dinner who is now usually soup. Right after, I follow by take a shower and put comfy pajamas with cozy socks and I’m going in my bed watching some videos or watch parties of Disneyland Paris. At 8h45 pm, I put oil essentials and get ready to go really in bed and watching Christmas movies of the night. I usually turn off the tv around 11h00 pm. Or keep it all night, depending of my mental health, and if I’m able to sleep or not.

Of course, not all days look like that during this lockdown, some days I wake up only at 11h00 am and I’m able to do nothing of the day. It’s depending of my symptoms related to my C-PTSD usually. Right! But a day like that is the most productive kind of day that I can to have during this new Winter lockdown. Thanks for stopping by!




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